High-Performance Multi-Use Nose Hair Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System, Wet/Dry - ER-GN70-K



  • Enjoy smooth trimming for nose, ear, eyebrows and facial hair with an improved high-speed motor and dual-edge safety blade, plus micro vacuum system and quick, easy cleanup
  • Panasonic's quiet, high-power motor cuts and trims even thick, coarse and dense hair; Wet Dry convenience for trimming dry anytime or wet in the shower
  • Contoured outer safety cone prevents direct blade contact with skin to safely draw in hair from the top and sides for quick, clean cutting with no irritation or discomfort
  • High efficiency vacuum system instantly captures bits of hair as you trim; A water-through cleaning system rinses blade and hair debris away under running water for easy maintenance
  • Sleek, slim, angled design gently reaches all areas in the nostrils for safer, more optimal trimming; an ergonomic grip fits naturally in either hand for maximum comfort and control

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ER-GN70-K Wet Dry Nose Hair Trimmer

Sleek, slim and more powerful than any Panasonic nose hair trimmer before it, the ER-GN70K easily trims nose, ear, eyebrow and facial hair with an improved high-speed motor and dual-edge blade. This precision, washable trimmer also includes wet dry trimming convenience, and a micro vacuum system to capture hair debris as you trim for faster, easier cleanup.

High Performance Trimming

With the high-performance Panasonic ER-GN70K you'll neatly trim nose and ear hair, eyebrows and facial hair. A quiet, high-velocity 9400 cpm (cuts per minute) motor drive powers blades to effortlessly cut and trim even the thickest, coarsest, most unruly hair.

Ultra-Sharp Dual-Edge Blades

Honed from legendary Japanese stainless steel, dual-edge, precisely aligned inner and outer blades cut hair quickly and cleanly. Inside the nostrils, these ultra-sharp, hypo-allergenic blades ensure high-efficiency trimming on both short and longer hairs.

No Irritation. No Discomfort.

The trimmer's blades are positioned inside a contoured outer safety cone to prevent direct blade contact with skin. As blades and cone rotate, hair is drawn in from the sides and top for quick, clean cutting without irritation or discomfort. For added protection the cone's top opening is narrowed to minimize the chance of skin contact.

Preserves Natural Filtering

Designed to go just so far into the nostrils, the unique blade alignment cuts the optimal length of nasal hairs, leaving the proper volume of hair needed to maintain the nose's healthy, natural filtering system.

Keep Nose and Counter Clean

As you trim, a built-in micro vacuum system collects trimmed hair bits to prevent debris from scattering in and around the nose for trimming comfort and faster, easier trimmer cleanup.

Wet/Dry Convenience

When you’re in a hurry, the ER-GN70-K is perfect for quick dry trimming, grooming and touch-ups over the sink. And because it’s also fully immersible in water, this high-quality trimmer performs just as comfortably and efficiently in the shower.

Quick Cleaning System

The trimmer's easy water-through cleaning system cleans both trimmer and blades. No need to remove a thing. Simply hold the tip of the trimmer under warm running water and switch on the trimmer to quickly rinse clean the blades, micro vacuum and trimmer body.

Sleek, High-End Design

Smart black and polished silver design provide a sleek, high-end look and feel. The trimmer's angled profile and ergonomic grip fit naturally in either hand for maximum comfort and control. A matching snap-on cap safeguards the blades when not in use and while travelling.

Cordless Freedom

The Panasonic ER-GN70-K nose hair trimmer is ideal for everyday trimming and grooming anywhere. Its slender profile fits neatly on any sink top or shelf, as well as in gym bags and luggage. The trimmer provides up to 40 minutes of power with two AAA-size Alkaline batteries (not included ).


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