Beard Styling Trimmer, with 4 Styling Attachments, Wet/Dry, Corded/Cordless Use - ER-GB96-K



  • Long beard, medium or short, the sleek, rechargeable Panasonic ER-GB96-K Beard Hair Trimmer makes it easy to achieve barber beard styling at home or anywhere
  • Catch and trim more whiskers in a single pass with an advanced wider-spaced and wider-tipped blade system created to capture even long, dense whiskers
  • Eliminate annoying snags and pulls with a high-performance motor calibrated for clean, comfortable trimming of every beard length, especially long full beards
  • 4 snap-on precision styling attachments neatly align whiskers as the trimmer moves through the beard for smooth, even trim lengths; the detail attachment has a 5mm width, ideal for mustache and goatee
  • A quick adjust dial works in tandem with attachments to adjust cutting lengths from 1mm to 30mm in 58 individual steps of 0.5mm for a wider range of styling and detailing options. Trim without attachments a 0.5mm hair length

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Smooth Barber Style Trimming

For many men, enjoying a stylish, well-groomed beard often means regular visits to the barber. But now everyone from beginners to the more experienced can neatly trim, shape and detail any length beard with smooth barber-style results anytime, anywhere.

Legendary Craftsmanship. A Legacy of Quality.

Advancing the Japanese art of crafting exceptionally sharp and durable swords, Panasonic has applied its state-of-the-art blade technology to the Panasonic ER-GB96-K trimmer. The result is a precision blade of extraordinary strength and performance. And the outstanding edge you need for comfortable grooming.

The Wider the Better

To capture more whiskers in a single stroke — and clip trimming time — Panasonic's advanced beard grooming blade system adds wider space between the blades. It's an advantage that efficiently gathers, captures and cuts even dense, tangled and unruly long beard hair.

The acute-edged, ultra-sharp stainless-steel blade system also includes wider blade tips to effortlessly lift and catch curly and flat-lying whiskers, and help ensure smoother, even trimming results.

Power Where it Counts

Equipped with a powerful, high-torque motor drive calibrated for quiet, comfortable trimming, the GB96-K comes through with exceptionally clean, smooth cutting to help eliminate annoying snags, pulls and discomfort.

4 Pro Style Trimming Attachments

Four slide-on precision trimming attachments neatly align whiskers as the trimmer moves through the beard to shape and style an attractive variety of clean, even trim lengths and detailing.

Attachment A —Easy, precision trimming and maintenance for shorter, 1-10mm beard lengths.

Attachment B—Easy, precision trimming and maintenance for medium 11-20mm beard lengths.

Attachment C—Easy, precision trimming and maintenance for large and long 21-30mm beard lengths.

Detail Attachment—For every beard length and style, a fourth, 5mm-wide detail attachment adds the perfect finish to mustaches, goatees, Balbos, soul patches or any style you want to create. And for perfect balance, the attachment includes a quick-switch button to enable easy detailing on both sides of the face.

58 Trim Settings

For a wider range of cutting, shaping and styling options, a quick-adjust dial in the trimmer handle works in tandem with Attachments A, B and C to precisely adjust cutting lengths from 1.0 to 30mm in 58 individual steps of 0.5mm. Trim without an attachment for a 0.5mm hair length.

Wet Dry Versatility

With an IPX7 rating and 100% waterproof design*, the Panasonic GB96-K Beard Hair Trimmer can be easily used on dry facial skin and beard or wet in the shower. The trimmer's body and blades can be washed and rinsed under warm running water for easy cleaning after use.

Cordless/Corded Convenience

The rechargeable Ni-MH battery and included AC adapter charges the Panasonic ER-GB96-K in an hour for up to 50 minutes of power. Or attach the included power cord for longer use. An LED in the handle indicates charging progress and battery power level when the trimmer is used cordlessly.

Sleek, Masculine Design

Slim, ergonomic trimmer design provides a sure-grip handle for maximum comfort, total control and clean, detailed results.


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