LUMIX S5II and S5IIX are a groundbreaking introduction to the camera industry—hosting an extraordinary amount of value but priced to be accessible to creators at every level. With a new engine, powerful sensor, updated stabilization system and new phase hybrid auto-focus, the LUMIX S5II series offers unparalleled flexibility and reliability in both photo and video.

This is the LUMIX you've been waiting for.



Phase Hybrid Auto Focus

The first LUMIX camera to adopt Phase Detection Autofocus

Active I.S. Technology

Our most advanced image stabilization system yet

Flexible Framing

Full sensor area recording to support all aspect ratios

Hybrid Photo Video

Unlock true hybrid mirrorless capability

Tell your story beautifully

In stunning detail

rich, true-to-life reproduction

powerful low-light performance


Points of Autofocus

The first Phase Detection Autofocus system from LUMIX delivers speed and accuracy to help you capture your target subject even in the most challenging scenes were multiple subjects are involved, as well as in backlit or low-light environments.

Image Stabilization

Stability Where it Counts

New Active I.S. lets you walk and shoot with the smoothness of a gimbal. By determining the status of camera shake and optimizing horizontal, vertical and rotational correctional ratios, Active I.S. can compensate for even significant camera shake.


more stability than conventional systems*


Full Sensor Open Gate

Nowadays everyone needs to prepare content for multiple aspect ratios.
By utilizing the full sensor area and allowing for customizable frame markers, the S5II lets you confidently capture content with ALL final deliverables in mind.


See your vision come to life.

Choose from our library of LUTs or add your own, then apply in camera (for both photo and video) to make sure you achieve the look you are going for as well as reduce time in post-production.


Capture every detail

The LUMIX S5II automatically captures eight consecutive images while shifting the sensor, and the new engine's high-speed signal processing smoothly synthesizes them into a 96-megapixel equivalent (12,000 x 8,000 px) image.


Never miss the moment

LUMIX S5II delivers AFC burst shooting using the electronic shutter at 30 frames per second with 24.2mp resolution. The sensor's higher readout speed also minimizes rolling shutter distortion and captures images too fast for the naked eye to process.

0°-104°F Unlimited Recording Time

Ultimate Reliability.

An optimized heat dissipation structure enables extended recording even when shooting in high resolution. 4:2:2 10-bit C4K/4K 60p/50p unlimited recording time from 0°-104°F.


L-Mount Alliance

The L Mount Alliance is established between Panasonic, Leica Camera and SIGMA, setting the stage for a new level of freedom and choice for creators around the globe. The unified lens mount standard has now also been adopted by DJI.

The S Series is Launched

LUMIX enters the full frame game with LUMIX S1, S1R and SH, propelling themselves into a market hungry for resolution, dynamic range, color and detail. LUMIX S1R was launched with the highest resolution sensor available in the full frame mirrorless market, while the S1H took full frame mirrorless video capability to a whole new level.

Meet the S5

When the LUMIX S5 hit the market in 2020 it very quickly built up a reputation as the best-value full frame hybrid camera on the market. The S5 is smaller and lighter than most others in its class, and is jam packed with photo and video features to appeal to creators of all kinds. Since it's launch, the S5's reputation has continued to skyrocket.

Unbox Your Creativity

LUMIX launches it's first box style full frame camera, following the success of the BGH1 micro four-thirds box camera. The small, durable, versatile camera is notably Netflix-approved, making it a very powerful, very affordable, cinema camera for filmmakers.

The Next Phase of LUMIX

With the S5MII, LUMIX embarks on a new era of groundbreaking camera technology—continuing to offer customers the value, reliability and hybrid capability they have always counted on, now with PDAF.

Ultimate Freedom for Creators

Choose lenses from LUMIX, Leica and Sigma





S5IIX | Pro Video Powerhouse

The stealthy LUMIX S5IIX releasing this spring will be an industry game-changer for professional video creators. Including all the features of the S5II, but with additional Pro Video additions including ProRes RAW, 800Mbs (USB-SSD) ALL-Intra recording and wired/wireless live streaming.

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Compare LUMIX S5 Models

S5M2 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body
S5M2 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body Sale price$1,799.99 Regular price$1,999.99
S5M2X Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body
S5M2X Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body Sale price$1,999.99 Regular price$2,199.99
S5M2 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body
S5M2 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body Sale price$1,799.99 Regular price$1,999.99
S5M2X Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body
S5M2X Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body Sale price$1,999.99 Regular price$2,199.99
Image Sensor

FF 24.2MP w/o LPF

FF 24.2MP w/o LPF​

FF 24.2MP w/o LPF​

High Resolution Mode




Dual Native ISO

Dual Native ISO (AUTO)​

Dual Native ISO (AUTO, LOW, HIGH)

Dual Native ISO (AUTO, LOW, HIGH)


ISO100-51200 (Ex50-204800)

ISO100-51200 (Ex50-204800)

ISO100-51200 (Ex50-204800)

O.I.S - Body I.S. / Dual I.S.

5-axis, 5-stop (*1)​

6.5-stop (*2)

5-axis,5-stop (*1)+Active I.S.

6.5-stop (*2)

5-axis,5-stop (*1)+Active I.S.

6.5-stop (*2)

We've Got You Covered

All LUMIX cameras come with a free extended 3 year warranty. You can manage your gear, process repairs and contact our expert technical team anytime through the LUMIX Pro Services portal. Pros can opt into our paid Platinum level program for expedited service and shipping, free clean/checks and discounted out-of-warranty repairs.

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