Bringing your Worship Services into Focus

Bring People Together Through Livestreaming

When in-person services aren’t an option, LUMIX has made it possible to livestream easily, in extraordinary quality. Our cameras help you reach a congregation far beyond the confines of the four walls of your house of worship, with a high level of image clarity, audio quality, and ease of use. Choose the camera that best suits your needs and extend an invitation to your extraordinary community to anyone, anywhere.

Unbox Your Livestreaming Potential

LUMIX box cameras combine cinema-quality video capability with professional-level features. While they may seem like an unconventional choice, compared to DSLM style bodies box cams offer the advantage of being smaller, easy-to-use, versatile, and expandable. The BGH1 and BS1H are designed to work together seamlessly should both cameras meet the needs of your production. Easily set up multi-camera sync by simply connecting via Ethernet cable, your cameras will be powered over Ethernet* and can be controlled remotely through the LUMIX Tether for Multicam software. The body can also be mounted to a wall for more permanent installations.

*IEEE802.3at compliant 

BGH1: Micro Four Thirds

As the first micro-four-thirds camera to be approved by Netflix, the BGH1 is an extremely capable tool for broadcasting and streaming. If budget is your primary concern it is also more affordable than its full frame cinematic counterpart, the BS1H. Customize your setup with a wide array of MFT lenses to choose from, the popular XLR Microphone adapter for use with professional microphones and more options in telephoto zoom lenses if the camera is located in the back of the sanctuary.

BS1H: Full Frame

The acclaimed S1H cinema DSLM, now in box form. With a larger full frame sensor, the BS1H offers a professional level cinematography experience. Full frame brings a greater sense of depth to your scene when the camera is located close to the stage with more background blur. Dual Native ISO expands the camera’s dynamic range which improves low light performance. The L-Mount alliance between Panasonic, Leica, Sigma and Leitz offers freedom in creative expression through lenses.

For larger organizations using mid- to high-end AV equipment

Integrate the BGH1 or BS1H into your existing workflow seamlessly. They include industry-standard connectivity, with Timecode, Genlock, and 3G-SDI BNC Terminals ensure plug-and play-compatibility even in some of the most demanding applications. The box cams offer a high degree of flexibility, too—they work equally well whether you’re controlling on-site or remotely. For on-site camera operators, the 2.5mm General-Use remote port provides compatibility with a wide variety of remote controllers for manned camera control. Enjoy full remote access over Ethernet and USB, with complete control over all aspects of image capture.

For smaller organizations and single-person controllers

Ease of use is the name of the game, and the box cameras deliver! The BGH1 and BS1H are incredibly intuitive camera to set up for high-quality live streaming for your next event, even if you’ve never done so before. Send your video feed directly over USB-C using the LUMIX Tether for Multicam software. Add compatible capture cards to easily support sending video out over HDMI at up to 4k 60p resolution. 

Sync Multiple Box Cameras

LUMIX Ambassador PhotoJoseph does an in-depth walk-through of his five camera setup with BGH1 cameras.

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