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HomeChef Multi-oven

Ovens that Look as Good as They Cook

Ovens that Look as Good as They Cook

Clear countertop clutter with premium Panasonic multi-ovens. Choose from the HomeCHEF 2-in-1 Microwave and FlashXpress Broiler for satisfying, crispy results, or the revolutionary new HomeCHEF 4-in-1 Air Fryer Microwave with Convection and FlashXpress Broiler – a masterpiece of innovation and design.

Panasonic has harnessed years of experience leading the premium microwave industry to develop multi-ovensthat combine the best of cooking technology with sleek, low profile design that elevate your kitchen design. Prepare healthy, delicious food quickly, with evenly cooked insides and crispy brown outsides.



See YouTube stars The Try Guys battle to cook the perfect French fries using the Panasonic HomeCHEF 4-in-1 multi-oven!

Want to know who won? Our CES attendees voted Ned #1 but what about the Food Babies? See their decision here.





Air fry in a microwave? Yes! The HomeCHEF 4-in-1 is a revolutionary new oven that combines an Air Fryer, Convection Oven, FlashXpress Broiler and Microwave into one compact appliance. The sleek, modern stainless steel oven can sit on the countertop or be built in with an optional trim kit.





With a built-in FlashXpress broiler, this compact, sleek multi-oven fits beautifully into any kitchen and cooks everything from frozen fries and vegetables to casseroles, pizzas and desserts. Your food comes out evenly cooked and perfectly crispy every time.

5 stars

"Space Saver! The fact that it’s a 4-in-1 system makes it that much worth it." - Alex

5 stars

"Makes everything very easy. Fried chicken comes out perfect, roasts come out beautiful, fries are actually crisp.” - Lee

5 stars

“It goes beautifully with all my other stainless steel appliances and so far has been fairly easy to use” - Genessa


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For a custom, built-in look

Our stainless steel trim kits (sold separately) are available to help achieve a sleek aesthetic.






Panasonic has partnered with Drop recipes app, and together, we’re bringing you quick, easy and delicious recipes in a guided format that can be made using our Panasonic Multi-Ovens

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Panasonic is expanding its partnership with leading culinary platform, SideChef, by introducing exclusive recipes, cooking tips, and chef secrets for SideChef Premium users.

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