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5 Cup (uncooked) Induction Rice Cooker - SR-HZ106



  • 13 pre-set programs: White Rice, Brown Rice, Sticky Rice, Quick, Porridge, Steam, Slow Cook / Soup, Cake / Bread, Jasmine Rice, Multi Grain Rice, Quinoa
  • Japanese designed Induction heat cooking results in delicious flavorful rice – in every grain
  • Diamond copper pan with 7-layer construction technology
  • Durable non-stick inner pan for easy clean-up
  • Included Accessories: Rice Scoop, Porridge Scoop, Measuring Cup

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5 Layer IH Stronger Heat 5-layer IH surrounds the pot with uniform heat and traps secondary heat for fluffy cooked rice.

1. Lid IH
2. Upper Side IH
3. Center IH
4. Lower Side IH
5. Bottom IH

*Lid IH: Inner lid heated directly by IH, realized big heating and good heat conductive. (IH Lide-heater almost points over 200°F vs Electric Lid Heater only reached heat approx. 100°F)
7 Layer Diamond Copper Inner Pan The diamond hard-coated inner layer creates tiny water bubbles to enhance heat circulation and provides 2.5 times the bubbles of conventional rice cookers. The copper-plated outer layer's higher heat conductivity ensures delicious evenly cooked rice.

How IH Works Traditional rice cookers use a heating element at the bottom of the unit.

Induction rice cookers utilize induction heating technology to heat the ENTIRE inner pan.

With induction technology, the inner cooking pan becomes the heat source, which is activated when coils within the bottom of the rice cooker generate a magnetic field that create instant heat within the inner cooking pan.

Induction technology generates a superior high heat and the rice cooker’s micro-computer also engages fine heating adjustments to control the entire cooking process for superior results.
Easy to Use Removable lid-heating element and seamless parts design for easy maintenance.

One-touch Inner Lid
The top panel detaches easily and can be immersed in water.

Clear Frame
The stainless-steel frame is easy to wipe clean.

Diamond Ceramic Coating
The high durability lets you wash rice right inside the cooker. And the light weight makes it easy to hold even when filled with water.

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    • "Inner Coat
    • Black Non-Stick Coating"
    • Outer Coat
    • Dimple
    • Thickness
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    • LCD
    • Timer
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    • Inner Lid Detachable
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