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10 Cup (Uncooked) Induction Rice Cooker - SR-AFM187

  • Convenient, high-efficiency 2-layer induction heat rice cooker prepares up to 10 cups of uncooked rice (20 cups cooked) and a variety of other foods
  • 15 pre-set programs automatically prepare a variety of different rice, plus hot cereals, soups, cakes, steamed and slow-cooked foods and more
  • 4-layer, non-stick Binchotan-coated stainless-steel inner pan, plus convenient glass-screen touch panel for fast, easy fingertip control and cleanup
  • Built-in umami-enhancing taste catcher prevents high-temperature overflow to control inner-cooker heat for better rice texture and flavor
  • Includes 12-hour keep warm feature and 24 hour-timer, plus gourmet accessories that include an adjustable steaming basket, measuring cup, and rice and cereal scoops

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High-efficiency, multi-function induction rice cooker with 15 pre-set menus to automatically prepare up to 20 cups of delicious rice, plus cereals, soups, cakes and steamed and slow-cooked meals.


Efficient Induction Cooking

Unlike traditional rice cookers that utilize a conventional heating element at the bottom of the cooker, the more versatile SR-AFM187 utilizes the convenience of instant induction for faster, more responsive heat and cooking precision.

Induction is activated by coils within the bottom of the cooker to generate a powerful magnetic field, which then creates instant heat within the cooking pan.


2-Layer Heat

Dual layers of induction ensure even, more efficient heat distribution. These two precisely crafted heating layers are specifically designed to better reach and heat every grain, draw out natural flavor and produce tender, fluffy rice every time.


Non-Stick 4-Layer Inner Pan

The four-layer cooking pan features a stainless-steel, heat-absorbing, non-stick Binchotan-coated inner layer surface to heat water more quickly and cook rice and other foods more thoroughly.


Enhanced Deliciousness

While cooking, an umami-enhancing taste catcher automatically prevents high-temperature water overflow to efficiently control heat inside the cooker. This unique temperature control also helps circulate the natural flavors of rice to heighten the savory taste of umami — the Japanese word for deliciousness.


Pre-Set Menu Options

With 15 time-saving pre-set menus, this contemporary styled, ultra-versatile cooker also out-performs conventional cookers for the exceptional variety of rice it can prepare for meals and side dishes, and a whole lot more.

Prepare and enjoy white, brown, sticky (ideal for sushi and curry), and other rice with the touch of a button, plus delicious congee and hot cereals.


Steam and Slow Cook Too

The family-size SR-AFM187 includes an adjustable steamer basket to steam a variety of fresh, vitamin-rich vegetables, fish, meats and other foods. This intelligent cooker also bakes cake, and slow-cooks soups, stews, casseroles and other meals with a convenient 24-hour timer.


Touchscreen Controls

The white-backlit LCD glass-screen and touch buttons not only provide convenient fingertip control, but also quick, easy cleanup. Both screen and buttons easily set and control all functions, pre-set menus and program the timer.


Keep Food Warm and Fresh

When cooking is complete, an automatic keep-warm function activates to keep your rice and other foods fresh and heated until you’re ready, for up to 12 hours.


Lightweight and Portable

This family friendly, lightweight cooker is also designed with a large loop handle to comfortably carry your cooker for serving in another room or location.


Cooking Accessories

Accessories include an adjustable steaming basket, rice scoop, cereal scoop and measuring cup. Easy operating instructions are provided in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.




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