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A producer of precision instruments for more than a century, Leica was among the pioneers of still photography. Today, Leica DG lenses are developed exclusively for the LUMIX G series and incorporates state-of-the-art optical and mechanical components—providing continuing innovation and quality for professional photographers.
Designed for Video. Built for Performance.
Advanced mirrorless design with the performance, durability, mobility and low-light gathering professionals you look to for Cinematic and Anamorphic 4K video production.
  • 25mm Single Focus

    No matter where you find your subjects — indoors, outdoors or at night — the soft-focusing effect this high-speed LEICA Lens turns any scene into an evocative image. It's the lens to have for nature and wildlife imaging, as well as spur-of-the moment everyday settings and while travelling.

  • 12mm Single Focus

    One of the widest single focal length lenses in our LEICA Lens series, you'll appreciate how effortlessly it captures large groups and expansive natural settings in dynamic detail, in both photos and 4K video where smooth, silent and precise focusing is essential.

  • 15mm Single Focus

    The pure mobility of this LEICA Lens makes it ideal for everything from everyday snapshots to wide-angle landscapes and portraits with sharply focused subjects and nicely defocused backgrounds. It's high performance in a compact size, and a lens you'll always be glad to have along.

  • 42.5mm Telephoto

    With the remarkably fast aperture in this medium-telephoto LEICA Lens you can utilize its great subject isolation capabilities to reach a whole new level of creativity in everything from portraits to live events and other relatively dark indoor scenes, nightscapes too.

  • 100-400mm Ultra-Telephoto

    With its high resolution and contrast across the entire zoom range, this ultra-telephoto LEICA zoom lens draws you in to action sports or the animals and birds you can’t usually approach in the wild. A rotating tripod mount is included for quick switching between landscape and portrait orientations.

  • 50-200mm Ultra-Telephoto

    Designed for all-season use, this compact ultra-telephoto LEICA zoom lens offers high durability. Its stable high-speed autofocusing lets you capture the level of high-quality wildlife images you've always dreamed of.

  • 8-18mm Wide Zoom

    From wide-angle to close-in spaces, this LEICA Lens delivers the intricate detail you've found elusive in other lenses, particularly when shooting in low light or adverse conditions. And Panasonic’s Nano Surface Coating reduces image-spoiling ghosting, flaring and reflections.

  • 12-60mm Mid-Range Zoom

    From everyday images to landscapes and portraits, this tough LEICA mid-range zoom lens is ideal for stable wide angle to super telephoto photography in all weather conditions. Perfect for capturing creative nature or landscape shots just as you envisioned.

  • 25mm Single Focus

    This versatile F2.8 45mm macro lens includes a built-in image stabilizer for true 1:1 macro focusing capability. It also boosts your range and mobility by serving as a medium-length telephoto lens for superb portraits, telephoto snapshots and landscapes.