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Panasonic IRONS

woman ironing a yellow fabric with a Panasonic NI_QL1000A cordless steam iron

Cordless Freedom

360° movement in any ironing direction. Unique, non-stick, double-tipped soleplate. Vertical steaming, untethered.

woman in white long sleeve blouse and khakis ironing a light blue dress shirt sleeve on an ironing board using a Panasonic NI-QL1000A blue and white cordless steam iron.

Smarter, smoother ironing

Leave behind the hassle of twisted, tangled power cords, and enjoy a full range of motion forward, backward, and even side-to-side. 360° freestyle soleplate has a double-tipped design to ensure natural movement in any direction. A full range of settings and features make this iron easy to use, portable, and extra safe, too.

Panasonic cordless irons. A quilter’s best friend.
hand lifting Panasonic NI-QL1000A blue and white cordless iron away from the white heating base unit. sitting in front of a pale cream quilt background.

Cordless design

Don't be bound by tangled cords. Free yourself from cords and embrace quicker, easier ironing and pressing of your clothes, quilts, and crafts; perfect for large areas as well as precision work.
double-tipped stainless steel iron soleplate on black background

360° ironing

The 360° freestyle steam/dry iron has a double-tipped soleplate design—press, sweep, and even twirl in any direction, with no tangled cords or cords snagging on fabrics.
hand steaming hanging red long sleeve blouse and a patterened quilt using a Panasonic cordless steam iron

Powerful vertical steam

Choose from three steam settings to direct bursts of steam to relax and remove winkles in hanging garments, curtains, drapery and more.
woman carrying her Panasonic cordless iron in a portable case to a friend's home

Portable and storable

Snap-on heat-resistant case lets you take your iron anywhere, and then store away easily.

top view of Panasonic cordless iron showing buttons and settings

Easy-set iron functions

Apply the perfect level of heat, steam and spray with the touch of a button. Three heat settings and three steam options provides ironing, pressing and steaming flexibility.
removable iron water tank being filled with water at the sink faucet

Removable water tank

With the press of another button the water tank separates from the iron to allow for quick and easy filling at the faucet while the iron heats up on the base.
holding silver colored Panasonic cordless iron at an angle to see the stainless steel soleplate with a crossbuster over illustration of water drops signaling that the iron does not drip water

Eliminate water spots

The iron's built-in anti-drip system provides a long-life water seal inside the iron body to prevent hot, unvaporized water leakage and protect fabrics from water spotting. 32 Stay-Clean Vents An anti-calcium system automatically prevents clogged steam vents by reducing sediment build-up in the vaporizing chamber of the iron.
hand pulling on a retractable corded plug from a Panasonic silver-colored cordless iron sitting on royal blue and white plaid ironing board.

Retractable cord

Say good bye to twisted, tangled cords. The power cord retracts into the base unit for a quick, no mess clean-up.

All of the Ironing, None of the Entanglements.

Cordless and easy-breezy, a steam/dry iron that releases wrinkles with style and precision.