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Introducing HomeHawk by Panasonic

hispanic family of 5 leaving their suburban home with a large front porch

Simple. Reliable. Secure.

INDOOR + OUTDOOR Home Monitoring Solutions

woman looking at monitoring camera display of a delivery man at front door on her smartphone while outside walking


Effortlessly monitor the front door and be alerted the moment your delivery arrives.
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Panasonic HomeHawk Window home monitoring camera mounted on interior window


Easily monitor your fromt walkawy or yard with this simple solution that mounts directly to any window.
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black panasonic shelf monitoring camera on a bookshelf


The compact house sitter you can trust to look after your home and loved ones.
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black Panasonic FLOOR monitoring camera floor sconce in a corner of a living room


Discreet camera with smart ambient lamp nestled seamlessly into your living space.
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holding a smartphone displaying two views from monitoring cameras against a blue background with a faded happy family image

One App Does All

Complete control of all indoor and outdoor cameras in one easy-to-use app



*Videos stored to Micro SD card in wireless base unit.No cloud service required.

Approximately 145 hours of recording per one 64GB Micro SD card sold separately