JetForce™ Transform Bagless Upright Vacuum with Cyclonic Filtration - MC-UL955

  • Simplify home cleaning with powerful JetForce™ cyclonic suction
  • Eliminate vacuum bags with a 15% larger* compression dust cup
  • Enjoy the portability and reach of a detachable canister and attachments
  • Deep clean soft, plush carpet fibers with vented Air Infusion nozzle
  • Smoothly steer, pivot and clean with the agile Transform swivel nozzle
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Clean More Powerfully Simplify all your carpet, bare floor and whole-house cleaning with the power and suction of JetForce™ cyclonic filtration. Plus eliminate the hassle of vacuum bags once and for all with a detachable, washable, 15% larger* hourglass dust cup for added capacity. It's the total cleaning system for continuous, clog-free suction and thorough cleaning throughout the house.

*Compared to previous Panasonic models

Cyclonic Compression for Easy Dirt Disposal

Powered by a high-efficiency 11-Amp motor, the Transform upright sends dirt, dust and debris into the hourglass dust cup where it's separated from incoming air and compressed. When full, the simple push of a button opens a bottom-drop panel for quick, clean disposal. The dust cup and chamber filter can be washed for easy maintenance.
Two Vacuums in One With the Transform vacuum, you get the power, versatility and convenience of a high-performance upright, plus the range, reach and ease of a detachable, portable canister and on-board attachments. Weighing just 17 lbs., the JetForce canister can used, moved and carried easily throughout the house, and stored neatly in practically any closet or home utility space.
Extend Your Reach With on-board attachments like an ergonomic, QuickDraw II extension cleaning wand with 10 ft. reach and pre-mounted dusting brush, you can conveniently clean on stairs, reach high ceilings, get behind furniture, in the crevices between appliances and more. Plus, a Pet Air Turbine Brush quickly removes stubborn pet hair and dirt throughout the house, and in car and truck interiors, too.
Deep Clean Soft Carpets with Air Infusion Soft, plush carpets can be hard to clean. Their denser fibers can restrict airflow into ordinary vacuum nozzles, drawing them tightly into the carpet, locking suction and leaving harmful dirt behind. With Transform, a uniquely vented Air Infusion nozzle draws and directs extra air volume into the system for enhanced ease of use, especially on softer, tighter carpet fibers.
Swivel Steering for Quick, Easy Cleaning The quiet, low-profile Transform nozzle is also highly agile. Its swift, swivel steering capability pivots nimbly around and under furniture and beds, and glides around corners for quicker, more effortless cleaning. Plus, wherever you use it, the swivel nozzle's wide 13-in. cleaning path lets you cover more floor surface area in far less time.
Safe for Every Floor Surface This advanced system comes with automatic height adjustment to conveniently raise or lower nozzle and agitator for optimal cleaning on different carpet/rug types and styles. Transform also excels on bare floors to safely and quickly remove dirt, dust, crumbs, sand and other debris from tile, stone, wood, linoleum, laminate and other hard floor surfaces.
HEPA Media Filtration Filter while you clean, and maintain a healthier indoor environment for everyone with the included HEPA media filtration system. As you vacuum, this high-efficiency filter instantly eliminates tiny particles, including allergens, irritants and pollutants, from carpets and rugs, floors, furniture and interior spaces, and returns cleaner exhaust into the home in return.

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Owner's Manuals
  • Why is there no more suction from my vacuum?
    Check the following:
    1. Ensure that the dust bin is not clogged or full. If so clear the clogged area or empty the bin.
    2. Check the hose for damage or holes. Replace the hose if needed.
    3. Ensure that the hose is inserted fully.
    4. Ensure that the filters are clean.
  • Why did my agitator brush stop spinning in my vacuum?
    Ensure that the belt is not broken. If the belt is broken, replace it. If the belt is not broken and is installed correctly, the vacuum would require servicing. You can locate the closest service center by clicking here.
  • Why does the vacuum become extremely hot and shut off after five minutes?
    1. Ensure that there are no clogged areas
    2. Change the filter
    3. Check the hose.

    If the issue persists, the vacuum would require servicing. You can locate the closest service center by clicking here.
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    Ship your product to:

    Panasonic Factory Service Center
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    Please include your name, address, telephone number, email address, copy of your purchase receipt (for warranty service), and a description of what is wrong with the unit. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted.

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    Check Repair/Service Status:

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