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N320K Photovoltaic Module HIT® BLACK



  • Powerful and High Efficiency Solar Panel
  • High Efficiency Performance at High Temperatures
  • Water Drainage Frame
  • Light Capturing Technology

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Photovoltaic Module HIT® BLACK - N320K

Panasonic’s N320K all-black module delivers outstanding performance, high output and enhanced aesthetics.
  • • Low Temperature Coefficient -0.29%/°C
  • • PID/LID Free
  • • 15 Year Product Workmanship Warranty / 25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty


19.1% module efficiency with all black appearance

Enables reaching a higher output and lower specific installation and balance-of-system costs than with the same number of standard 60-cell modules.

Pyramid Cell Structure Technology

The rough surface of conventional panels reflects sunlight out of the cell. Our unique pyramid structure captures sunlight more efficiently by reducing reflection and directing light inside the cells. The additional sunlight absorption generates more electricity output for your home.

State-of-the-Art Heterojunction Technology

Our unique cell structure uses ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. These thin dual layers reduce carrier loss, resulting in higher energy output than conventional panels.

Advanced Bifacial Cell Designed for Increased Energy Output

The ingenious bifacial cell generates energy from both sides, effectively capturing both short wavelength and long wavelength light entering the panel. Typically, more diffuse, or longer wavelength light – like early morning or late day light – would contribute very little to the overall energy production of the panel due to the angle of the light waves. With Panasonic panels, more light is captured and converted into energy

High Testing Standards

Panasonic’s testing criteria is much more severe than industry standards. Testing solar panels has been a longer term goal and assures safe operation for over 25 years.

High Efficiency Performance at High Temperatures

As temperatures increase, solar panels often sputter and go weak. Thanks to our unique cell structure, Panasonic HIT® continues to perform at high levels throughout the year.

Water Drainage Frame

The water drainage system prevents rain water accumulation and eliminates water stains from the panel surface.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • Rated Power (Pmax)1
    • Maximum Power Current (Ipm)
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc)
    • Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)
    • Temperature Coefficient (Voc)
    • Temperature Coefficient (Isc)
    • NOCT
    • CEC PTC Rating
    • Cell Efficiency
    • Module Efficiency
    • Watts per Ft.2
    • Maximum System Voltage
    • Series Fuse Rating
    • Warranted Tolerance (-/+)
    • Internal Bypass Diodes
    • Module Area
    • Weight
    • Dimensions LxWxH
    • Cable Length +Male/-Female
    • Cable Size / Type
    • Connector Type3
    • Static Wind / Snow Load
    • Pallet Dimensions LxWxH
    • Quantity per 40’ Container
    • Quantity per 20’ Container


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