EY37C1B Cordless Flashlight with Dual Voltage Technology



  • Dual Votalge Ready - Can be used and powered as a 21V, 18V or 14V tool!
  • Brightness of approx - 4,000 lux
  • Low battery indication
  • Adjustable Head Angle - 4 steps

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EY37C1B Cordless Flashlight with Dual Voltage Technology
Offers bright, long-running and convenient work illumination

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Illuminating work can go a long way to improve productivity and safety for professional tradesmen. The EY37C1B cordless flashlight features the latest “dual voltage technology” from Panasonic which allows the user to power the flashlight with a 14.4V, 18V or 21.6V battery packs and charger to brighten up any work area.

The bright 0.55A Xenon bulb puts out approximately 4,000 lux. For comparison, a cloudy day is 1,000 Lux and a bright, sunny day is 10,000 Lux. The unit will produce light for about 6 hours, 20 minutes with the EY9L61B 21.6-volt, 3.3Ah battery pack, or approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes with the EY9L45B 14.4-volt, 4.2Ah battery pack.

The compact tool stands at 10-63/64” tall x 4-7/8” wide x 3-35/64” deep and weighs only 0.75lbs. excluding the battery pack. The four-position head can be angled to point light in the direction the user needs it; a shoulder strap makes it easy to carry into remote work areas. A low battery indicator warns the user to be prepared to switch batteries, finish up or find another light source.

Acceptable Battery Packs – Li-ion    

Hours of Use (approx..)

EY9L61B – 21.6V 6 hours / 20 minutes
EY9L51B – 18V 6 hours / 15 minutes
EY9L50B – 18V 5 hours / 30  minutes
EY9L45B – 14.4V 5 hours / 10 minutes
EY9L44B – 14.4V 4 hours / 35 minutes
EY9L41B – 14.4V 4 hours / 20 minutes
EY9L42B – 14.4V 2 hours

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    • Dual Votalge Ready
    • Voltage
    • Bulb Type
    • Brightness
    • Adjustable Head Angle
    • Wide/Focus Adjustment
    • Low Battery Indication
    • Shoulder Strap
    • Charging System
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight
    • Acceptable Battery Packs - Li-ion*
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