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Panasonic Assembly Tools – Brushless Impact Driver with ½” Square Drive /1/4” Quick Change



  • ½” Square Drive
  • Dual Voltage Technology 14.4V / 18V
  • 4.2Ah High Capacity Lithium Nickel Battery (Optional)
  • Tough IP – IP56 Rating
  • ½” Square Drive to ¼” Quick Change Adaptor Included

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Panasonic’s EY75A5 is a powerful impact driver designed for ergonomics and long runtimes, providing virtually no torque reaction and increasing the amount of work completed between battery charges.  Truly thinking of the customer, the tool is equipped with a brushless motor and a hybrid trigger switch almost doubling the life of the tool minimizing maintenance, and it can use either 14.4v Panasonic Lithium batteries for increased ergonomics or 18v Panasonic Lithium batteries for increased run time.  Plus the tool is backward compatible for use with its previous battery models.  Panasonic also includes an impact rated ½” Square Drive to ¼” Quick Change Adapter allowing the use of both sockets and ¼” hex driver bits.   

Operator Ergonomics 

The importance of ergonomics on the factory floor continues to grow which is one reason why Panasonic developed this line of cordless assembly tools.  The lightweight balanced design, cushioned grip and virtually no torque reaction, helps to reduce operator fatigue; therefore creating a better work environment.  In addition, the freedom of a cordless tool allows an operator to work inside vehicles or small work spaces. 

Tough IP – IP56 Rating

Manufacturing conditions can sometimes prevent the use of assembly tools in certain areas.  Panasonic’s solution, Tough IP Tools, designed with protection features to meet an International Protection Code of IP56.  The IP56 rating means the tools are rated to a Dust Protection Level 5 and Water Protection Level 6 allowing the tool to handle the toughest job environments. 

4.2 Ah High Capacity Lithium Nickel Battery 

Battery technology is truly changing the way manufacturers’ think.  In fact, this latest evolution in battery technology has increased the working capacity by almost 27% while keeping the weight and size of the battery the same as Lithium Cobalt.  What’s this mean to you?  Increased run time, less number of charges, longer battery life, increased production time and reduced tool costs.

Dual Voltage Technology Provides Versatility & Backward Compatibility 

During the creation of this new series of cordless power tools, Panasonic truly thought about the customer and made sure the latest product was backward compatible.  How?  Simply by making a dual voltage tool, it allows the customer to use either 14.4v or 18v earlier generational batteries on the new tools.  What gains come from using either battery?  14.4v batteries provide better ergonomics (less weight & smaller) whereas an 18v battery provides an even longer runtime.

Illuminating the Work Area

When activated a built-in LED light turns on to illuminate the assembly area for faster, easier and more accurate assembly. The LED light promotes visibility improving screw and bit placement therefore reducing cycle time.  An additional feature of the tool to conserve battery power is an auto shut-off timer for the LED once the tool is not operated for 5 minutes.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

A reduction in manpower and budgets can make it hard to keep-up with equipment failures and repairs.  Panasonic has doubled the life of their tools by using a high efficiency brushless motor and a hybrid trigger switch.  The hybrid switch is connected to the CPU, which controls the motor and brake by eliminating any high current from running through the switch.  Utilizing the best components Panasonic tools reduce downtime, parts costs and maintenance repair costs.

 Safety & Product Damage Prevention

manufacturers’ are finding that operators are injuring themselves by tripping over air hoses and electric tool cables.  Switching to Panasonic cordless assembly tools eliminates the safety hazards of air hoses and electric tool cables.

An advantage of using cordless power tools is that they allow you to eliminate air hose and tool cable damage since they can be very abrasive when moved across a finished surface.  Panasonic Cordless Tools reduce rework cost and lost production time.

Reduced Energy Costs

Compressed air has become known as the 4th Utility because the significant costs to run an air compressor.  manufacturers’ are quickly realizing that compressed air is expensive and are looking for alternate options.  Cordless tools offer that option and can save up to 95% in electrical cost compared to traditional air tools.

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    • IP56 Approved
    • Dual Voltage Capable
    • Drive Size
    • Brushless Motor
    • Hybrid Switch
    • Max. Torque
    • Speed at No. Load
    • Impact Min
    • Weight (including battery)
    • Compact Size (L x H x W) (including battery)
    • Electric Brake
    • LED Work Light
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