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470 Nm (346 Ft. Lbs)
High Torque Impact Wrench (Bare Tool)



  • Panasonic Patented Twin Hammer Design Increases Working Speed and Torque
  • Compact Size, Smallest Frame In Class
  • ½” Square Drive with Hog Ring and Through Hole Socket Retention
  • 4.2 Ah High Capacity Lithium Nickel Battery (Optional)
  • Variable speed with electric brake

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Panasonic's New EY7552 high torque impact wrench is compact, fast and extremely powerful, delivering 470 Nm (346 Ft. Lbs.) of torque. Its patented twin hammer design makes it the smallest in class while reducing the overall noise and increasing its torque, working speed, and durability.

Tough IP - IP56 Rating

With the addition of electronics in today's power tools and batteries it has become critical to protect the electronics.  Panasonic's solution, Tough IP Tools, designed with protection features to meet an International Protection Code of IP56.  The IP56 rating means the tools passed demanding laboratory tests of working in extremely dusty and wet work environments.  In the field, it assures professional tradesmen have a tool that can stand up to the rigors of hard jobsite use.

Whether it's extremely dust work conditions or work in damp or wet locations, users will appreciate a tool that will keep working when others would likely fail.

IP56 In Depth - the IP rating was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and is outlined in IEC 60529. The standard outlines a coding system that indicates the degree of protection an electrical enclosure offers internal components. Based on objective testing, it assigns a rating to the enclosure's ability to keep potentially damaging foreign objects (dust and contaminants) and water out of the tool under increasingly difficult conditions.

"5" Dust Protection Test - subjects the tool to a very dusty environment and then puts it to work to assure the tool was unaffected by dust exposure. In the grueling test, the tool proved that it achieved a dust protection level of five out of six levels; the sixth level is for dust-tight tools. It's a good indication that the tool's design keeps potentially harmful contaminants out, assuring long life and top performance that professionals demand.

"6" Water Protection Test - subjects the tool with increased levels of water exposure testing the limits of the tool. The tool obtained a six out of eight level rating withstanding powerful water jets providing assurance that the tool will continue to run even in the rain or other wet environments.

Learn more about Panasonic's Intelligent Power Tools and the IP56 code, view What Is Tough IP

4.2Ah High Capacity Lithium Nickel Battery

Panasonic's 4.2Ah Li-Ion high capacity batteries are the highest rated battery capacity in the cordless tool market.  All of Panasonic's li-ion batteries are built with smart technology which constantly monitors the battery to prevent over-charging, over-discharging and it can shut down the battery under extreme temperatures.  During the charging cycle, the smart board allows the battery to be charged quickly to 80% capacity then switches to a cell conditioning to assure each of the cells are topped off evenly.  Monitoring the voltage for over-discharge prevents users from running the tool after it reaches to low of a voltage which could damage the battery or the tool. Plus, an internal temperature sensor flashes a warning light if internal temperatures rise, and then cuts off tool power if battery temperature reaches critical levels.

Water getting into the battery doesn't have to mean it's a goner. Panasonic engineers have added vents built in the battery case so water can easily drain out of the battery pack. The battery, which is easy to remove using a simple slide-down release button, can charge to 80 percent capacity in 55 minutes and fully charge in 70 minutes when charged with the EY0L82B charger.  

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    • Max.Torque(High)
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    • - impacts/min(M12 nut )
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