Steam/Dry Iron with Large, Curved Ceramic-Coated Soleplate and Stable Glide - NI-U600C

  • Iron more comfortably with an easy-to-hold ergonomic handle, big U-shaped soleplate and 1700W of power
  • A precision-tipped, super-smooth ceramic-coated soleplate glides effortlessly without snagging to ensure quick, easy ironing on all fabrics
  • Iron consistently and efficiently with 27 individual steam vents, a Power Shot for concentrated steam and micro spray for wider spray distribution
  • 3-way cleaning system includes a built-in anti-calcium cleaner, a self-cleaning button to rinse vents clean and Power Shot to fully empty the water reservoir
  • Safe, automatic shut-off sensor turns off the iron if left upright for 10 minutes, and after 60 seconds if left resting on the soleplate or tipped over on its side

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Panasonic Steam/Dry Iron with Large, Curved Ceramic-Coated Soleplate and Stable Glide NI-U600C

Both durable and elegant, the full-featured 1700W Panasonic NI-U600C iron makes ironing quicker and more comfortable with an easy-to-hold, ergonomic handle and large, precision-tipped ceramic soleplate. Eliminating wrinkles is effortless with 27 steam vents, a Power Shot and micro-spray system for wider, finer spray distribution. Keeping your iron safe and well maintained is simple with an automatic safety shut-off and a 3-way cleaning system.

High-Comfort Ironing Handle

Whether you iron every day or once a week, Panasonic's best, most ergonomic and easy-to-hold handle maximizes ironing comfort on all fabrics and all types of clothing.

Easy, Stable Glide

With its lower-than-conventional profile and low center of gravity, the sleek, evenly balanced NI-U600C Steam/Dry Iron glides effortlessly along fabric surfaces for quicker, more efficient ironing.

Big, Curved Ceramic Soleplate

The large soleplate on the NI-U600C Steam/Dry Iron is 20% larger than the Panasonic E-series Steam Irons to cover more surface area and help you iron in less time. The iron's large, grooved, non-stick ceramic soleplate features 27 vents to evenly distribute more steam and heat to easily eliminate wrinkles and creases with a range of dry and steam heat settings.

Precision Tip for Tight Places

This uniquely designed, no-snag soleplate also includes a precision tip to safely and neatly reach between and beneath buttons on shirts, blouses and cuffs with ease and speed.

Power Shot Steaming

The iron's Power Shot system directs a full, powerful burst of steam through the soleplate to relax and remove wrinkles from thicker fabrics. Power Shot also works vertically to remove odors and wrinkles in hanging garments, curtains, drapes and more.

Adjustable Steam and Dry Settings

With the NI-U600C, you can confidently apply the perfect concentration of steam, or no steam at all, to all your ironing tasks. Set to HIGH for heavier and everyday fabrics, LOW for more delicate fabrics and quick, easy touch-ups or choose DRY when no steam is needed.

Micro Spray

A convenient micro spray button releases water particles that cover a wide surface area, for effective ironing to eliminate stubborn wrinkles from sleeves, collars, trousers and more.

Quick 3-Way Cleaning

The NI-U600C Steam/Dry Iron keeps itself well-maintained and clog free with an easy 3-way cleaning system that includes a built-in anti-calcium cleaner to help prevent lime scaling; a one-touch Self-Cleaning button to drain all the water from the tank at once, cleaning both tank and steam holes simultaneously; and the Power Shot function to fully empty any remaining water from the reservoir to help remove any lime scale that may have built up in the steam vents.

Eliminate Water Spots

Protect clothes from spotting with the iron's anti-drip system. While ironing, the water supply is automatically blocked when the soleplate temperature drops to prevent leakage from steam holes. And a dry mode switch prevents seepage while in storage.

Safe Auto Shut-Off

If you're interrupted or called away while ironing and forget to turn off or unplug the iron, a safe, automatic sensor turns off the iron if left upright for 10 minutes, and after 60 seconds if left resting on the soleplate or tipped over on its side



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