Cordless Steam/Dry Iron with Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate NI-L70SRW



  • Eliminate the twists and tangles of a power cord and enjoy the freedom of cordless ironing with a powerful steam/dry iron, charging base and carrying case
  • Ergonomic design makes everyday ironing hassle-free with an easy-glide, curved stainless-steel soleplate, one-touch controls and a detachable water tank
  • Apply the perfect concentration of steam with an adjustable steam button for crease and wrinkle-free ironing on a variety of fabrics
  • For safety, the charging base deactivates after 10 minutes if left plugged in and unused, plus a retractable reel neatly stores the cord inside the base
  • A lightweight carrying case maximizes portability, perfect for quilters, sewing groups and crafters, and for everyday iron storage

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NI-L70SRW Cordless Steam/Dry Iron

Enjoy the freedom of cordless steam/dry ironing with this sleek 1500 Watt iron. It heats quickly to sail through wrinkles with a smartly curved stainless-steel soleplate. Steam and temperature levels are one-button simple, and a vertical steam feature works wonders on curtains and hanging garments. A lightweight carrying case also makes both iron and charging base portable, perfect for quilters and crafters.

Iron Effortlessly

Using an innovative series of circular indentations to trap small pockets of air between soleplate and fabric, the iron glides smoothly and effortlessly, with no cord to snag on ironing board corners or twisted, tangled power cords to impede ironing progress, or trip over.

All the Right Temperatures

Simply set the iron into the charging base and select the right temperature setting for the fabric you're ironing. In two to three minutes, a red LED in the handle stops flashing, and you're ready to go. Then place the iron back in the base when you pause to shift garments on the iron board to maintain the proper temperature.

Adjustable Steam and Dry Settings

Apply the perfect concentration of steam, or no steam at all, to all your ironing tasks. Set to HIGH for heavier and everyday fabrics, LOW for more delicate fabrics and quick, easy touch-ups or choose DRY for ironing when no steam is needed.

Spray Away Wrinkles

As you iron, a convenient spray-mist button instantly puts an extra shot of moisture exactly when and where you need it to help eliminate stubborn wrinkles from sleeves, collars, trousers and more.

Jet-of-Steam Power

With the one-touch Jet-of-Steam feature, a powerful burst of steam through the soleplate penetrates clothing, sheets and more help you tackle tough wrinkles and creases. And when ironing is done, another burst of steam through the soleplate helps clear the iron’s steam vents.

Smooth Curtains and Drapes

With the push of a button, the iron's vertical steam feature directs a full burst of steam to relax and remove winkles in hanging garments, curtains, drapes and more.

Easy Fill Water Tank

No more taking the iron to the the sink for water refills. A durable, lightweight water tank detaches from the iron with the touch of a button for neater, no-spill refills. When full, the tank instantly snaps back into place.

Auto Safety Shut-Off

If you're interrupted or called away while ironing and forget to unplug the charging base, no worries. The charging base will safely and automatically turn itself off after 10 minutes.

Stay-Clean Vents

An anti-calcium system prevents clogged steam vents by reducing the sediment build-up in the vaporizing chamber of the iron.

Eliminate Water Spots

The iron's built-in anti-drip system provides a long-life water seal inside the iron body to prevent hot, unvaporized water leakage and protect fabrics from water spotting.

Maximum Portability

The stylish, heat-resistant and see-through carrying case can be easily snapped onto the base immediately after use for total portability and easy storage.

Retractable Cord Reel

When ironing is finished, the touch of a button on the charging base automatically retracts the cord inside the charging base to eliminate tangles and messy power cord storage.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • DESIGN
    • Color (Iron / Water Tank)
    • Soleplate Style
    • Soleplate Finish
    • Water Tank
    • Iron Handle
    • Built-in Retractable Cord Reel
    • Temperature Control
    • Temperature Ready Indicator Light
    • Heat Resistant Carrying Case
    • Easy Glide - Curved Soleplate
    • Selectable Fabric / Temperature Dial
    • Choose steam or dry option
    • Adjustable Steam Amount
    • Extra Jet-of-Steam
    • Water Mist
    • Water Tank Capacity (oz.)
    • Vertical Steam
    • Automatic Water Seal
    • Stay Clean Steam Vents
    • Quick Reference Fabric / Temp. Chart
    • Easy Storage / Carrying Case w/ Handle
    • SAFETY
    • Auto Shut-Off
    • POWER
    • Power Supply
    • Rated Power
    • Iron - Temperature Range
    • DIMENSIONS (H x W x D) (in.)
    • WEIGHT (lbs.)
    • UPC


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