Panasonic Call Block Button with Bilingual Talking Caller ID, One-Touch Call Block and 16,000 Number Block Capacity - KX-TGA710 (Black)



  • Panasonic robocall blocker easily connects to landline phones to block robocalls, unknown, international, 00 prefix and other callers; Ideal for phones without call block or phones with limited registration capability
  • Block 16,000 telemarketer numbers; Includes a pre-programmed database of 14,000 robocaller and telemarketer numbers*; Add 2,000 more manually; When an unknown call comes in, press BLOCK CALL to block and register the number. *Robocall database is supplied from YouMail Inc.
  • Build your own database; Store up to 100 numbers of friends, family and others; When a trusted number calls, a green LED blinks on the unit; When an unknown call is received, the LED blinks red
  • Bilingual Talking Caller ID lets you hear who's calling — friend or unknown — from across the room with convenient Talking Caller ID announcements in English or Spanish
  • Minimal footprint design fits neatly beside your phone; Large red call block button is easy to push; A bright white, easy-read backlit LCD clearly shows caller names or numbers

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Push a Button. Block Robocalls Automatically.

Instantly stop robocallers and other unknown numbers with Panasonic's KX-TGA710 Call Block Button. A quick connection to your landline phone lets you block 16,000 numbers. An included 14,000 number database* gets you started, and you can block 2,000 more numbers manually with the push of a big red button. 

*Robocall database is supplied from YouMail Inc.

Landline Phone Compatible

The Panasonic KX-TGA710 Call Block Button is tailor-made for landline phones without a call block feature or with limited call block registration capability (under 30 numbers), and elderly persons targeted by fraud. Once connected, it blocks robocalls and telemarketers, plus unknown, international, 00 prefix and other unwanted callers.

Block 16,000 Numbers

The KX-TGA710 call blocker stops up to 16,000 unwanted numbers with an included pre-programmed database of 14,000 instantly blocked robocaller numbers.* An additional 2,000 unwanted numbers can easily be added manually to your own block list.

*Robocall database is supplied from YouMail Inc.

Bright White Backlit LED

A bright white, easy-read backlit LCD clearly shows incoming caller names or numbers. Large, easy-to-use touch buttons display and manage your block and caller lists and more. 

Create a Personal Database

For numbers you don't want blocked, you can easily build a personal list of allowed caller numbers. The Panasonic KX-TGA710 Call Block Button conveniently stores up to 100 numbers for friends, family and other people you know.

Build Your Own Block List

For numbers you do want blocked, you can easily create a block list of your own. When an unknown number is received and displayed, simply press the big red BLOCK CALL button on the machine to register that number, and block it permanently — even while the phone is still ringing.

Peace-of-Mind Caller Indicator

Before you take a call, the call blocker lets you know at a glance whether it's from a friend or family, or from an unknown caller.

• When an incoming caller number matches your own personal database of allowed callers, a green LED flashes on the machine to let you know the number is OK and safe to answer.

• When the LED flashes or remains red, the call doesn't match any number in your block list or the pre-programmed database, and can be instantly added to your block list with the block call button.

• And when a call doesn’t jibe with a number on your block list but does correspond to a registered number on your personal caller list, the LED blinks green to let you know the call is safe.

Hear Who's Calling in English or Spanish

When the phone rings on one side of the room and you're on the other, Panasonic's advanced bilingual Talking Caller ID tells you who's calling — friend or unknown —in English or Spanish.

Space-Saving Design

The compact KX-TGA710 Call Block Button is designed with a minimal footprint to fit neatly beside your home or home office phone. The prominent red block button is easy to see and push. And built to remain stable and durable, even when pressed hard.


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