Panasonic  Lumix S Series

Panasonic Lumix S Series


Putting Lumix S1 and S1R to the Test

Global Lumix ambassador Jonas Borg traveled 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle to see how the Lumix S series performs under extreme conditions. He was able to test the S1 and S1R for overall image quality, autofocus, low-light performance and image stabilization, all while battling the traditionally challenging impact of extreme cold.


The S1 Honored with Two Awards

Cinema5D: Best Mirrorless Camera of the Year 2019

“This year, it was not easy AT ALL to choose a winner. There are A LOT of good cameras out there, yet none that really shine in a way of completely shadowing others. Saying that, after lots of sleepless nights and miles and miles of walking up and down inside the office, we have made the decision of nominating the Panasonic S1 as our winner! (Congratulations, Panasonic.)”. Read more.

DPReview: Consumer Stills/Video Camera of the Year 2019

“We've done a lot of shooting this year on the S1 and it's an impressive machine from a manufacturer that perhaps more than any other, really knows how to do video right.”. Read more.


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How Panasonic is future-proofing their Lumix S-series lens design
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S1 Save up to $400
G9 Save up to $500
GH5 Save up to $700
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