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Suzette Allen

Suzette Allen is a photographic image maker over 25 years, and educator for 17 years, enthusiastically sharing her passion for imaging, Photoshop, and storytelling. As a lover of people, she has focused on portraiture for most of that time, but now travels far more and her passion has spilled over into travel and nature along with Video, becoming even more relevant as a storyteller in today's photographic culture. Suzette is a natural teacher and is accompanied by her techie husband, Jon Yoshinaga, making an ideal team to teach classes to beginners or advanced, video, lighting, software or capture. Suzette is best known for her in-depth knowledge and creative vision, [along with a huge dose of patience and true love of people], but students love her down-to-earth style, passion and enthusiasm for the craft. "I love how LUMIX has changed the way I see and how I communicate visually. Besides the bonus of lighter weight and ease of use, the video capability has captured my passion and I feel I'm a better storyteller, image maker and able to create images with impact and emotional appeal like never before."