LUMIX at ISTE Live 2024 in Denver, CO

LUMIX at ISTE Live 2024 in Denver, CO

Advances in digital technology have revolutionized film production, making it more accessible for K-12 students to create high-quality content with minimal financial investment. As streaming services, YouTube, and social media platforms continue to surge, the demand for professionals the film and media industries grows, leading more students to pursue degrees in these fields and tap into film industry and content creation job market.

We were thrilled to be a part of ISTELive 2024, held from June 23-26 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. This event proved to be one of the most comprehensive gatherings in the EdTech (Education Technology) world, attracting education leaders, teachers, coaches, and librarians from around the globe.

ISTELive 24 took place from June 23-26 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.

Engaging Seminars by LUMIX Ambassador Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts is the Director of the Film and Media Program at Mater Dei High School in Orange County, CA, as well as being a LUMIX ambassador. At our booth, Roberts led a series of engaging seminars and shared his extensive knowledge with attendees on how to start a K-12 film and television program. Booth visitors had the unique opportunity to learn from his experiences and insights, gaining valuable tips and techniques to enhance their educational programs.

“I think that a lot of the students are taking advantage of skill sets that we are teaching them,” said Roberts on Mater Dei's Film & Television program. “We're seeing a significant increase in students going into television programs, journalism programs, broadcasting, and filmmaking programs. They’re even finding ways to crossover between whatever their major might be if it's not necessarily in the arts, but still utilizing the skills to work within a club or something that they're doing within their program.”

Andrew Roberts meeting with educators and discussing the LUMIX for Education Curriculum.

LUMIX for Education Curriculum

In addition to the seminars, we were excited to offer Andrew Roberts' tailored Year One LUMIX for Education Curriculum for schools. Designed to integrate LUMIX cameras seamlessly into educational settings, this curriculum is a fantastic resource for educators looking to elevate their film and video programs. A Four Year Curriculum will be released in the near future.

The LUMIX for Education Curriculum is a four year, modifiable and adaptable curriculum that starts students out with the basic needs of things like composition, storytelling, camera operation, and it builds all the way to a fourth year honors level,” explained Roberts. “The curriculum is designed to give them the skill sets to progress naturally through the program, but it also allows instructors to jump around within all four years hand picking and choosing what best suits either their classrooms, student body, or the resources they have at hand. We also have built in a list of resources that they can click on and get PDFs sent to them. Also, being in California, I use the California CTE standards, but these are easily adaptable to any state, any local area, for any instructor.”

Page 1 of the LUMIX for Education Curriculum - Year One.

Connecting Educators with LUMIX

At ISTELive 24, we also showcased some of our latest cameras, including the newly announced GH7, as well as the S9S5IIX, X2 camcorder, and more. These models represent the forefront of camera technology, offering features that can significantly enhance educational initiatives.

Many visitors stopped by the Panasonic LUMIX booth to discover more about LUMIX cameras and discussed with Roberts the possibilities the LUMIX for Education Curriculum could bring to their school programs. There were several attendees who were looking to upgrade their school’s current equipment or were simply curious about the latest advancements in camera technology.

The LUMIX cameras on display (GH7, S5IIX, etc.) offered features that can significantly enhance educational initiatives.

ISTELive 2024 provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with educators to take educational programs to the next level. Thanks to everyone who visited us at our booth.

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