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Benefits of Buying from Panasonic Authorized Retailers

Benefits of Buying from Panasonic Authorized Retailers

Panasonic wants to ensure that your experience with our products is outstanding, before, during and after the sale. Whether you purchase from a retail store or online, we want you to have an experience that leaves you completely satisfied; that is the promise of the Panasonic brand. In order to ensure this, we work exclusively with a select group of retailers who have earned the privilege of being an Authorized Panasonic Retailer. To find an authorized retailer for a product, click the Where to Buy button on the product page.

Why buy from an Authorized Panasonic Retailer?

Retailers that are authorized by Panasonic have proven to us that they are committed to delivering a consistently outstanding customer experience, helping you choose the Panasonic product that's right for you. Many can also assist you with delivery and service after you make your Panasonic purchase.

Panasonic includes limited product warranties on its products, but only when the products are purchased from an Authorized Panasonic Retailer. Purchasing Panasonic products from non-authorized retailers can be problematic for you. You may be purchasing product that are counterfeit, used, defective or not designed to properly operate in the United States. We urge our customers to protect themselves by purchasing Panasonic products only from an Authorized Panasonic Retailer, or directly from Panasonic via our website.

The Authorized Panasonic Retailer Difference

When you purchase Panasonic products from Authorized Panasonic Retailers, you can be assured that you are not purchasing products that may have been altered or which don't contain modified serial numbers; purchasing these types of products could void the limited warranty that accompanies Panasonic's products.

In addition, we have been advised that on occasion, non-authorized retailers are offering used Panasonic products as new. As we have no relationship with these companies, if you experience any difficulty with their service, we may be unable to assist you.

Buying Panasonic products from an Authorized Panasonic Retailer, or directly from Panasonic, will assure that you have the best customer experience possible before, during and after the sale.

When you buy from an Authorized Panasonic Retailer, you can be assured that…

  • ...the Retailer is properly trained, so that they can provide the correct answers to your questions
  • ...In many cases, the Retailer can provide assistance to you with the proper setup of your Panasonic purchase
  • ...Authorized Retailers stay informed regarding new technologies, so they can provide information on the latest Panasonic products
  • ...Authorized Retailers have demonstrated a commitment to outstanding customer service and support
  • ...Authorized Retailers can directly contact Panasonic employees, including product managers and customer service team members
  • ...Authorized Retailers receive ongoing product and sales training, ensuring that your purchasing experience is consistently outstanding
  • ...Authorized Retailers have the latest information regarding Panasonic promotions and special offers
  • ...Authorized Retailers will also have access to official accessories for your Panasonic products
  • ...Authorized Retailers only sell factory-fresh Panasonic products with original, unaltered serial numbers
  • ...the full benefits of Panasonic’s limited product warranties will be in effect

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