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Hi-Res Premium Over-Ear Headphones – RP-HD10C



  • High-resolution premium sound with 50mm HD driver
  • Anti-vibration driver unit frame
  • Ergonomic soft ear pads with horizontal slide adjustment
  • Detachable integrated mobile mic and control cord

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A New Level of Sound

With their dual 50mm HD drivers, multi-layered diaphragm and superb noise isolation, the Panasonic RP-HD10C over-the-ears headphones provide a new level of detail and enjoyment in everything you hear. These premium headphones faithfully reproduce everything from booming bass to the most subtle rhythms, tones and lyrics, for an experience akin to listening to your favorite artist playing live in a totally silent room.

Award-Winning Design

The exceptional design of the Panasonic RP-HD10C earned a 2015 iF Design Award. And the comfort designed into these headphones is just as exceptional. The rich, black satin finish on the outer earcups is as timeless as it is contemporary. The soft, supple texture of the synthetic leather padding provides a light, luxurious feel on both headband and ergonomic 3D earpads for the ultimate in listening comfort.

Distinctive MLF Diaphragms

The eye-catching diaphragms placed over the driver units are designed with multiple layers of polymer film. A structural advantage that enables them to clearly support frequencies from 4Hz up to 50kHz for wide-bandwidth, high-res sound. At the same time, these precision diaphragms complement the anti-vibration driver frames in the RP-HD10C to efficiently suppress unnecessary resonance and vibration.

Individual Fit

In addition to the regular headband length adjustment, the HD10C provides a unique Horizontal slide adjustment system to horizontally shift the position of earcups and drivers to better conform to individual ear structure, and ensure optimum fit and comfort.

Ergonomic earcup padding smartly varies in thickness to form a perfect fit around the ears for superb noise isolation and minimal sound leakage.

Manage Music and Calls

Managing both music and calls is quick and simple with an inline mic and remote. The HD10C headphones work seamlessly with iPhone/iPod/iPad™, Blackberry® and Android™ devices to adjust volume, and switch effortlessly from music to calls and back again with one-touch ease.

Cords for Home and Away

Two detachable audio cords are included, each of which plugs into a mini-jack port in the left earcup. For listening at home, an 9.8 ft. cord has a straight mini-jack plug. Away from home, a 3.9 ft. cord includes the remote and mic and a 90° mini-jack plug for use with mobile devices. A included gold-plated sleeve adapter converts both mini-jacks into 6.3mm full-size plugs. And to keep your headphones safe and sound when not in use, the HD10 features flat-folding earcups and a convenient, soft-textured draw-string travel pouch.


SpecificationsExpand All

    • Operating time
    • Playback Time with Battery
    • Charging Time (25°/ 77F)
    • Microphone for headset
    • Driver Unit (diameter in mm)
    • Magnet Type (Nd:Neodymium / Fe:Ferrite)
    • Impedance (Ohm) / 1 kHz
    • Impedance (Ohm) / 500 Hz
    • Sensitivity (dB / mW)
    • Max. Input (mW)
    • Frequency Response (Hz - kHz)
    • Cord Length (m / ft.)
    • Weight (g) without cord and battery
    • Weight (g/oz) without cord
    • Weight (g) without cord
    • In-Cord Volume
    • MiniPlug (3.5mm in diam.)
    • Air Plug Adaptor
    • Plug Adaptor (6.3mm in diam.)
    • Plug (Ni:Nickel / G:Gold)
    • In-line microphone
    • Control/ Mic
    • Supplied Item
    • Color
    • Supported profiles
    • Codec
    • Operating distance
    • NFC (One-touch Connection)
    • Active Noise canceling
    • Water Proof / Water Resistant
    • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
    • Bluetooth®(*1) Wireless Technology [ Version ]
    • NOTE
    • NOTE
    • UPC


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