Technics True Wireless Earbuds with Industry-Leading Noise Cancelling | Bluetooth Earbuds | Dual Hybrid Technology, Hi-Fi Sound, Compact Design | Alexa Compatible | EAH-AZ70W-K (Black)



  • MUSIC AS IT’S MEANT TO BE HEARD: Large 10mm drivers and graphene-coated diaphragm deliver rich, expansive sound with smooth, detailed highs and tight, articulate bass to hear music as it was intended.
  • ADVANCED NOISE CANCELLING: The EAH-AZ70W combines Feedforward & Feedback Noise Cancelling with analog & digital processing to achieve one of the most advanced noise cancelling true wireless earbuds on the market. Utilize ambient sound amplification for when you want to hear external sound.
  • RELIABLE CONNECTIVITY AND CALL QUALITY: Stable left-right independent signaling and our patent-pending antenna design provide a reliable, powerful connection that’s less sensitive to interference even in crowded rooms. Design and technology suppress wind noise and transmit voice clearly for impeccable call quality.
  • EASY TOUCH SENSOR CONTROLS: Dual touch sensor controls allow you to control music playback/pause and volume and track selection, as well as receive, reject or end calls, manage noise-cancelling/ambient sound amplification modes, and connect to voice assistant.
  • ELEGANT TECHNICS DESIGN: Highest-grade materials, clean lines, and meticulous attention to detail are the core of our design philosophy. Nothing has been overlooked, from the comfortable and beautiful in-ear design to the hairline detail of the aluminum charging cradle that features an engraved Technics logo.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity, IPX4 Water Resistance, Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Comfortable and lightweight, includes 5 Earpiece sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Approximate Battery life: 6.5hrs per earbud, plus 13hrs additional with cradle. 15min Quick Charge = 70min playback

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The Technics Audio Experience, Now Without the Cord

Technics EAH-AZ70W-K Digital Wireless Earbuds offer incredible, audiophile-grade sound without the cord. Always in pursuit of perfection, we've created a dynamic feeling and rich, spatial sound in a sleek, comfortable earbud design full of premium features. Experience Technics . . . untethered.

Audiophile-Grade Sound

Large 10mm dynamic driver adopting graphene coated PEEK diaphragm and acoustic control chamber are designed to deliver a dynamic feeling.

Advanced Noise Cancelling

Technics’ newly-developed, proprietary Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology combines analog and digital processing for one of the best noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds on the market. Turn on ambient noise amplification when you want to hear external sound.

Excellent Call Quality

Beamforming technology and high performance MEMS mic reduce wind noise and transmit voice clearly.

Control at your Fingertips

Dual touch sensors allow you to easily control music playback, volume and tracks, as well as receive, reject or end calls, manage noise-cancelling and ambient sound amplification, and interact with voice assistant.

Smart Design

Lightweight, comfortable design with IPX4 water resistace for protection from sweat and splashes.

Long Battery Life

2-hour charge = 6.5 hours of playback*. Charging cradle provides up to 18 hours playback*.



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