Advancing the Japanese art of crafting exceptionally sharp and durable swords, Panasonic has applied state-of-the art blade technology to the Arc Series shavers.

The result if precision blades of extraordinary strength and performance-and the edge you need for an extremely close, comfortable shave.

Legendary Craftsmanship.
A Tradition of Innovation.

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LT Series Arc3 Shavers
LV Series Arc5 Premium Shavers

ARC 5 Skin Comfort Foil™ System

Three micro-thin, hypoallergenic foils and dual, super-
smooth skincare rollers work together to provide an
exceptionally close shave.

  • • The Finishing Foil (1,5) captures and cuts
       stubborn hairs
  • • A Lift-Tech Foil (2,4) uses revered tapered
       edges to lift, hold and cut flat-lying hair
  • • The Quick-Comb Blade (3) is specially angled
       to catch and cut longer hairs
  • • Two Skincare Rollers (A,B) help reduce friction
       on the skin for a more comfortable shave

The full-featured, premium-tier ARC5 Series represents Panasonic’s most advanced shaving system to date. Designed for the upscale user, as well as men whose beards tend to be thicker and more dense, it features five ultra-thin, ultra-sharp blades forged from hypoallergenic stainless steel. All confidently powered
by a quiet, high-efficiency 14,000 CPM linear drive motor for a faster, closer and more comfortable shave.

Hyper Performance Linear Motor Drive

Driven by Panasonic’s most powerful, high-efficiency 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive, the ARC5 series quickly cuts through even the toughest facial hair to deliver a clean, smooth shave. And,. The powerful motor maintains continuous peak performance to the end of every battery charge.

Ultra-Thin ARC Foil System

Three contoured, micro-thin hypoallergenic ARC
foils instantly capture, hold and cut the different
types of hair that make up the beard for
outstanding closeness and comfort.

  • • Two Ultra-thin Foils (1, 3) closely capture
       stubborn, extra-thick hair to ensure
       smooth, even results.
  • • The Quick-Comb Blade Foil (2) is angles
       to grab and cut longer hairs that often
       grow in opposite directions

With three uniquely positioned, nano-polished stainless steel blades, the mid-luxury level ARC3 combines pure shaving velocity with the gentle comfort and convenience of multi-blade precision. Specially designed by Panasonic with a high-performance motor to ensure fast, evenly distributed power.

Hyper Performance Linear Motor Drive

The LT series ARC3 shavers have been designed with a quiet, high-speed 13,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive, delivering the power you need for fast, effective shaving. And, the motor maintains peak performance throughout the full battery charge.

Shared Features
3D Multi-Flex™
Pivoting Head

Both shavers include an advanced 3D Multi-Flex Pivoting Head system which glides seamlessly – up-and-down, side-to-side and back-and-forth- to trace the individual contours of your face, neck and jaw for the ultimate in close, gentle comfort.

Shave Sensor Technology

Also available on both shavers, advanced built-in sensors automatically "feel" differences in beard density along the cheeks, jaw and neck. As the ARC shaver moves across the face, power flow is continually adjusted to accelerate where the beard is thickest, and soften where it’s not.

The LV and LT Series Collection