Newark Police Department Expands Panasonic Body-Worn Camera & In-Car Camera Program

Panasonic’s Flexible Solutions Help Keep Community Safe

Panasonic Systems Communications Company of North America, a leader in connected solutions that support the mission of law enforcement, announced today an expansion of its’ current body-worn and in-car camera program with the Newark Police Department. 

Phase two of the expansion will allow 80 additional officers to have body worn cameras, bringing the total to 160 and outfitting 17 additional police vehicles with the in-car dashboard cameras, bringing the total to 32.

“Newark is the home of our corporate headquarters and where many of our employees live,” said M. Faisal Pandit, Senior Vice President, Panasonic Systems Communications Company of North America.  “We are thrilled to grow the relationship with the Newark Police Department and to provide the best solutions to help keep the residents of this great city safe.”

“We are happy to continue to have Panasonic on board as our body-worn and in-car camera partner,” said Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose.  “Our pilot test was a success and we look forward to expanding the program to additional districts throughout the city of Newark.”

Panasonic has expanded its evidence management solutions to meet customer needs.  With a new camera, updated software, point-of-view camera and new video compression options, public safety agencies can design the solution that fits best for them and for their community.

“Panasonic has enabled us to select the best options that fit our department and our community,” said Director Ambrose. “They have been with us through every step of the training process, and that training includes helping the community understand the need and importance of these systems.”

“We know that a one-size-fits-all solution will not work for law enforcement,” said M. Faisal Pandit, Panasonic. “Every customer is different and has different needs and ideas of how they want to utilize evidence management systems. By being able to customize our solutions to fulfil their needs we’re able to ensure a strong impact on the community at large.”

In April of 2017 Panasonic donated 80 body worn cameras and 15 in-car dashboard cameras to the Newark Police Department for their phase 1 deployment.

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