Panasonic Showcases Full Line of Evidence Management Solutions at IACP 2017

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a leader in connected solutions that support the mission of law enforcement, as well as provide security and video surveillance platforms, will showcase new additions to its Security and Evidence Management Solutions portfolio at IACP, from October 21-23, 2017 at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Panasonic has combined two of its powerful security platforms; fixed surveillance systems and mobile security systems, along with tamper proof recorders and cloud based evidence management system to create a unified evidence management system trusted by law enforcement and respected by the judiciary. With this full range of solutions – body cameras, surveillance cameras, evidence management software and storage solutions - Panasonic can help keep communities safe. 

“Panasonic prides itself on listening to the needs of our law enforcement customers and the industry as a whole to provide the best products and service necessary to keep up with the changing landscape,” said M. Faisal Pandit, Senior Vice President, Panasonic Security Business Group. “Our products and the support behind them are constantly evolving and to keep up with that we’re moving towards becoming a more solutions focused company, making it easier for customers to have a full experience from product to service.  A stronger focus will be put on delivering connected solutions that will truly provide superior business outcomes for our customers and the communities that they serve.”

Panasonic technology and solutions to be showcased in Booth #4125 include:

New Arbitrator® Body-Worn Camera
Panasonic’s next generation Arbitrator® Body-Worn Camera (BWC) MK3 offers industry-leading battery life, durability and compatibility.  Incorporating feedback from law enforcement agencies around the country, the Panasonic MK3 camera is designed to be rugged and reliable in any situation. New features of the Arbitrator BWC MK 3 include more than 12-hour battery life, IP67-rated design that makes the body-worn camera resistant when exposed to dirt, drops, water submersion and other environmental conditions and compatibility with Panasonic’s Enterprise-Level Evidence Management Software and In-Vehicle recording systems.

BWC MK3 Point of View Camera 
A flexible mounting option for the BWC MK3, the point of view camera, designed to sit on an officer’s shoulder and provide a different perspective is also new for this year. Features include: 

  • Size: 0.76 x 2.76 inches 
  • Weight 1.76 oz. 
  • FOV D: 129 deg., H: 115, V: 68 
  • Video/Photo Resolutions Available [16:9] 1080p, 720p, 360p 
  • Waterproof Rating IP55 / MIL-STD-810G

Unified Evidence Management Software
An upgrade to the Arbitrator Software platform, UEMS 1.3 is a release available to all existing and new customers and allows for updates from existing Arbitrator Systems. Panasonic is also offering enhanced capabilities to its BWC MK3 which includes H.265/ HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) video recording, and also the addition of a Secondary Point-of-View (POV) Camera option, all of which provide full integration with existing Panasonic Arbitrator 360˚ In-Car Videos Systems.

Other software upgrades that support the BWC MK3 include, Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) Model, also using Platform as a Service (PaaS) and it is all hosted within the Azure Government Cloud, single and multi-tenancy supported as well as a Thick Client Reaction application. The ease of evidence management through cloud based software for your Body-Worn camera. 

Video Compression Capabilities
The Panasonic Body-Worn Camera platform now includes H.265 / HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) video recording, which will help agencies store their videos more efficiently.

Panasonic will also be showing several technology solutions from Panasonic’s Video surveillance portfolio to help law enforcement organizations increase situational awareness and be alerted to potential situations before they escalate.  

Multi-Room Interview Room Solution
Panasonic’s High Definition Interview Room Solution will be exhibited featuring a variety of Panasonic’s i-PRO cameras and Video Insight 7 (VI7) recording software optimized for police interview room applications. New enhancements to the Arbitrator Software enables interview room recordings to be easily classified and uploaded to the appropriate casefile as evidence in the Arbitrator Evidence Management System. The exhibit will feature Panasonic 360◦ Privacy Ready camera (WV-SF448) that allow operators to mechanically cover the lens remotely ensuring compliance with privacy laws when the system is not being used for active interviews. The highly scalable VI7 recording software allows an almost unlimited number of interview rooms to be managed simultaneously from a single platform with local start and stop of recording that can be enabled via simple external button push within the interview room, eliminating the need for dedicated remote operators.  

Facial Recognition and Matching
Panasonic’s FacePro® Facial Recognition and Matching platform utilizes Panasonic surveillance cameras to identify persons of interest from a suspect watch list and alert operators in real-time of their presence, dramatically reducing the time it takes to manually process such alerts. The highly scalable system acts as a force multiplier allowing multiple cameras to be watched simultaneously and can automatically compare captured faces to a watch-list of up to 1000.  Since the cameras are continuously capturing and recording faces from all FacePro enabled cameras, surveillance recordings can be also be forensically searched for a suspects face providing a powerful tool to confirm the presence of persons of interest after the fact.

Traffic Analytics Solution
On exhibit will be Panasonic’s new i-PRO Extreme PTZ outdoor Full HD camera (WV-X6531N) that takes road and traffic monitoring to a new level of efficiency by providing enhanced situational awareness at longer distances and enabling law enforcement authorities to detect road and traffic incidents more quickly. The new 1080p 40x zoom camera includes a gyro-sensor-based Intelligent Zoom Stabilization function that effectively detects and nulls out heavy mechanical vibration, a common issue that compromises image quality especially for PTZ cameras when used in city surveillance applications.  Optional Vehicle Incident Detection software (WV-XAE100W) provides easy and intuitive intelligence and traffic monitoring capabilities, enabling the cameras to detect unusual activity such as a stopped vehicle on a highway or a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction. Once an incident has been detected, camera alarms are automatically sent to Traffic Management Systems or law enforcement staff to enable a quick and appropriate response. 

Additionally, new software solutions to help manage all technology under one platform will be on display. These include the intelligent archiver, VI7 software, and new evidence management software.

The booth will also feature a Future Tech Zone which will showcase solutions that Panasonic currently have in development based on customer insight and current trends within the industry.


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