Panasonic Media Entertainment Company (PMEC), Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, Collaborates with TVU Networks for Improved IP Connectivity over Multiple Cellular Networks for AVC-ULTRA Camcorders

Panasonic is announcing a free* firmware upgrade for its AVC-ULTRA camcorders that supports IP connectivity to a TVU Networks’ bonded cellular camera-side device that aggregates multiple data connections including cellular for remote streaming and file transfer workflows. 

Combined with Panasonic’s line of AVC-ULTRA camcorders (AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX800, AJ-PX380 and AJ-PX270), Panasonic P2 Streaming Server, and P2 Cast cloud-based news production system, the TVU Router enables field reporters/videographers to become an extension of the newsroom, able to shoot content and reliably send the video files to the station.

TVU Router is a portable field access point that can provide over 200Mbps of Internet connectivity from the field as well as act as a network accelerator. News crews using TVU Router in remote locations can take advantage of its secure, reliable and high speed connection to transfer and receive large files, stream video, search the web or utilize any IP connected device or service to pass data. It aggregates multiple IP links such as cellular 3G, 4G, LTE to create a high-speed broadband connection. (TVU Router is available as a standalone solution or as a software option for TVUPack and TVU One video transmitters.)

A major advantage of the system is that camera operators can now leverage multiple cellular networks to transmit video data. The AVC-ULTRA camcorders, featuring a dual-encoding platform, will be able to transfer streamed video (live) or file-based video (near live) over IP connections. Unique to Panasonic’s live streaming protocol is a quality of service (QoS) layer that rapidly and dynamically adjusts the bit rate of the streaming signal to optimize the transmission speed as bandwidth of the cellular network changes. Streamed video can be sent via the TVU Router to Panasonic’s P2 Streaming Server (P2SS). File-based proxies can be sent using TVU Router as a connectivity path “near-live” to the P2 Cast server or to the client’s own FTP engine.

In addition to the IP connectivity, camera operators can monitor the status of the TVU device right in the viewfinder of the cameras so they can monitor the connectivity and focus on shooting. 

Panasonic’s P2 Cast workflow gives broadcasters the ability to retrieve video files immediately after shooting, search, browse video, create and Edit Decision List (EDL) by setting IN and OUT point on the cloud application, and upload only necessary portions of high-resolution video based on EDLs.  With P2 Cast, remote camera configuration, firmware updates and end-to-end metadata workflows are also possible. When combined with the TVU Router’s reliable, stable and high-speed two-way internet connection, these tasks can be accomplished in less time from anywhere in the world, regardless of the availability of Wi-Fi or other connections, enabling transfer of higher bitrate and higher quality file formats.

As the broadcast industry transitions to IP infrastructure, the need for reliable, stable and high-speed broadband access from any remote location for story coverage becomes critical. The integration of TVU Router and Panasonic technologies is an example of how the two companies were able to develop through its partnership a combined solution designed to meet the needs of broadcasters. TVU Router is perfect for live or file-based workflow since a high-speed link is a critical component for the process.

Panasonic will display this modern workflow and demonstrate the newsroom efficiencies enabled by this integration at its NAB booth C3607. TVU will also have the integration on display in its booth in the Central Hall, C3739.

The free firmware upgrade is available and can be downloaded at

*Camera/live video uplink requires a contract with TVU.

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