Panasonic Introduces New HVAC Products for the Whole Home at AHR 2017

Key Messages:

  • •    New single/multi zone slim-duct solutions offer low-profile hidden delivery of heating and cooling comfort
  • •    Product line expands offering a wide range of low ambient (-5F and -15F) heating in single/multi zone solutions
  • •    These products help Panasonic emphasize the three C’s: Comfort, Control, Cost

This year at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), the Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning North America is launching the latest entry in their Exterios line of ductless mini-splits and the Slim-Ducted Heat Pump, an all-new mini-split product.

The Slim-Ducted Heat Pump is a versatile new system that can provide heating and cooling solutions for the entire home, rather than just one or two rooms at a time using traditional single-zone systems. The Exterios XE series is Panasonic’s most advanced Heat Pump system, delivering more efficient and versatile performance options for all HVAC customers, even in cold-climate conditions.

“The new Slim-Ducted Heat Pump represents the latest innovation in the mini-split space, continuing Panasonic’s increased focus on whole-home solutions for comfortable, reliable HVAC systems,” said Allan Dziwoki Division Vice President & General Manager of Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning North America. “By concentrating on the entire home, we are able to provide our customers the premium comfort and control they want in their HVAC products at an affordable cost that does not sacrifice performance.”

The new Slim-Ducted Heat Pump assumes a low profile, as they can be hidden in floors or ceilings without disrupting the look and feel of a room. Serving as the newest product in Panasonic’s HVAC lineup, this all-in-one heater and air conditioner is highly efficient in both the winter and summer, regardless of the function being performed. This commitment to energy efficiency is reflected in the inverter driven compressor and the DC fan motor, both of which allow for high efficiency and consistent performance. This system will be available in 5,000-7,000 BTUs for a multi zone, and 9,000-12,000 BTUs for single and multi zone HVAC solutions. Additionally, air flow can be increased to suit the customer’s needs with the simple flick of the dip switch on the interior circuit board.

The Exterios XE system is the latest in the Exterios series, with several improvements having been completed to make this HVAC system a must-have for cold climate customers. Capable of operating at its renowned high-efficiency at -15° F, and with a base pan heater included, the Exterios XE can consistently run all winter long in some of the coldest climates in North America. This efficiency claim is backed by a 30.6 SEER rating for the 9,000 BTU unit, among the highest in the industry.

“The Exterios series exemplifies Panasonic’s dedication to research and development, as this long line of products have been continuously innovated over the years to provide customers with a dependable HVAC solution for their home or business,” said Victor Flynn, Product Manager for Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning North America. “We are pleased to offer a highly efficient and versatile product to our customers and are excited to bring this next evolution in the Exterios line to market.”

The Exterios XE system also comes equipped with the revolutionary ECONAVI sensors, which identify the occupancy and activity of a certain room, and then automatically adjusts the thermostats and directs airflow louvers to the active areas. This guarantees optimal comfort without sacrificing performance, a hallmark of Panasonic’s HVAC products.

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