HomeHawk™ HD Remote Home Monitoring System

Panasonic launches new mobile app based remote home monitoring system

Panasonic, a global leader in professional commercial video, HD cameras, and video networking has today announced the introduction of the HomeHawk™ remote home monitoring system, KX-HN7000 series. HomeHawk™ can be configured as a single HD camera to protect your front door and combined with up to 16 peripheral HD camera units to cover the entire perimeter of the home and yard. Homeowners today seek to keep an eye on activities inside and outside their home or apartment day and night; protecting package deliveries, previewing front door visitors, or simply being notified when loved ones return home. 

The HomeHawk™ by Panasonic KX-HN7000 Series has several features that make it stand out: 

The main front door full-color HD camera is 100% wire-free and weather-resistant* and it is equipped with LED assisted lighting**.  

Unlike most home monitoring cameras, the HomeHawk’s front door HD camera’s super wide angle (172-degree) fully covers both door sills top to bottom, and the entire entry area left to right. 

Connect up to 16 optional HomeHawk™ wire-free outdoor/indoor weather-resistant* peripheral full-color HD cameras. 

All HomeHawk™ HD cameras offer full-color night vision capable viewing. Plus all HD cameras offer the added benefit of 2-way audio with built-in microphones and speakers.  

HomeHawk™ eliminates a common home monitoring security camera problem, low grade blurry black and white video that makes it hard to effectively identify someone at night. Panasonic’s color night vision technology makes the difference between seeing and knowing what or who arrived and what was delivered at your front door. For example someone wearing a red hat and blue shirt standing at the front door vs. the standard featureless grainy grayish image most systems provide.   

As more incidents of stolen packages are reported with the increase of online shopping, this product can help to offer consumers peace of mind. HomeHawk™ has a package monitoring mode notifying people near front entrance that the premises is being monitored. 

HomeHawk™ KX-HN7000 Series of HD cameras run on built-in long-life rechargeable batteries, making the cameras fully wire-free.  Plus, HomeHawk KX7000 Series HD camera wireless connectivity means hassle-free placement anywhere outside or inside the home.  

Alert zones can be easily set to minimize unwanted alerts, while still having the option to record video alerts for package deliveries to a secure Micro SD Card*** installed in the system’s wireless access point. With HomeHawk™ no third party monitoring or cloud services are required.   

Enjoy the confidence and convenience of the Panasonic HomeHawk™ smartphone App for simple, effective and secure access to the HomeHawk™ system.  Plus, Panasonic HomeHawk™ KX-HN7000 series is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo Show. 

* IP65 rating, and operating temperature between -4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit 

** Under color night vision mode 

*** Recording approximately 9 hours per 4GB micro SD Card 


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