First Ever Ribbon of Moving Light Sign to Welcome People to Denver

Iconic sign to span a quarter of a mile, designed by Panasonic and Denver International Airport

A ribbon of moving light LED video display spanning a quarter of a mile has been designed by Panasonic and Denver International Airport. Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company is collaborating with the airport on the $11.5 million project that will use dynamic LED-lighted poles and screens. The effect will be an iconic “ribbon” of moving light along Denver’s Peña Boulevard – the main road that takes tens of millions of travelers to and from the airport every year. It will be seen by flights approaching and departing Denver; by passengers onboard the new commuter rail line that runs between the airport and downtown Denver; and by an estimated 120,000 vehicles that pass by every day. 

“Denver International Airport is already known around the world for its iconic architecture, but we are lacking a signature entrance element,” airport CEO Kim Day said. “The airport is partnering with Panasonic to develop a sign that unmistakably announces the entry to and exit from the airport, using technology in an exciting and unique way.”

“We’re proud to collaborate with Denver on this iconic, one-of-a-kind welcome sign,” said Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company President Jim Doyle. “Panasonic is at the global forefront of creative use of LEDs and an integrated strategic approach, and this project is a test of creativity that showcases Panasonic’s strengths,” he said. 

The visual display is made up of three large format LED signs—each about 768 square feet. More than 800 16’ tall thin LED “sticks” together in the form of a ribbon shape weave through the project. 

The display will be installed by Panasonic. Installation is expected to begin in March 2017 and to be completed by summer. 


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