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High Resolution Mode for Ultra-Detailed Imaging

Capture eight consecutive images automatically with Body I.S. (Image Stabilizer) and high-speed processing Venus Engine for 187-megapixel equivalent (16,736 x 11,168-pixel) RAW file.

Ultra-Durable Shutter Unit

A high-precision shutter unit offers ultra-high speed of 1/8,000 second and flash sync speed of 1/320 seconds.* Newly designed shape and parts increase rigidity and durability for a 400k shutter life.

*The guide number decreases at 1/320 second. Only when set to M mode or S mode.

Photo Style with Flat Mode

Flatten out contrast and color saturation. LUMIX S Series cameras fine-tune contrast, highlight, shadow, saturation, hue, sharpness, noise reduction, and other settings in steps of 0.5.*

* Adjustable settings vary by mode.

Variable Aspect Ratios

In addition to the standard 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1, 65:24 (Film Panorama) and 2:1 (6 x 12cm) aspect ratios are available for photo shooting.

Convenient Overlay Shooting

Superimpose a previously shot image on the image currently on the monitor.* Convenient for commercial photography and other situations where the same subject angle or size needs to be replicated.

* Only photos taken with the same camera model can be displayed.

Highlight Weighted Metering

Highlight Weighted Metering mode meters light with a priority on highlighted parts to prevent them from washing out.

Exposure Offset Adjustment.

Enables adjustment of the standard exposure level by to ±1EV.

Auto White Balance Mode

A new AWBw retains a reddish tint in addition to conventional AWB (standard) and AWBc (bluish tint).