Meet the Award Winners

Our best men’s electric shavers, hand selected by top U.S. men’s publications

At Panasonic, we have a long history in men’s electric shavers and that history has led us to design some of our best men’s electric shavers in recent years.

But, don’t take our word for it.  Some of the premiere men’s lifestyle magazines agree with us!  Check the list below to learn which Panasonic Men’s Shavers have received grooming awards.

Panasonic ARC 5 Men’s Shaver (ES-LV95-S / ES-LV65-S):  Men’s Health magazine named our ARC 5 men’s electric shavers a grooming award winner in 2014.  And it’s no surprise.  Our elite ARC 5 men’s shavers are equipped with 5 ultra-sharp blades to cut through facial hair quickly, leaving your skin feeling smooth and stubble-free.  Plus, they are backed with Shave Sensor technology to monitor hair density and adjust motor speed, for a more comfortable shaving experience.  It’s a little bit of luxury in your daily shaving routine.

Panasonic ARC 3 Men’s Shavers (ES-LT7N-S / ES-LT3N-K): In 2015, GQ magazine awarded our Premier ARC 3 Men’s Electric Shaver an award in their first annual grooming award.  Called out for it’s ability to give you a quick, close shaver, it’s an ideal morning companion to shave off a few minutes from your getting ready time.