What is White Glove Delivery with Setup?

Massage Chairs are shipped using White Glove Delivery with Setup

This service includes:

  • Scheduled delivery to your home with setup in the room of your choice (one floor up or one floor down only)
  • An agent will unpack, fully assemble and setup the product to ensure that it is functioning properly
  • Debris removal included
  • Attachment of arms and remote holder is included with Massage Chairs

What are shipping costs?

  • Shipping is FREE for all goods
  • Most items are shipped using Standard Ground Delivery
  • Massage Chairs are shipped using White Glove Delivery with Setup
  • We are unable to ship to Alaska and Hawaii

*Note:Panasonic reserves the right to modify shipping charges at any time, without prior notice.

What are pre-orders?

When you see a "pre-order" button next to a model, it means you can place an order for that model from PanasonicDirect -- even though it may not be in stock yet.

Shipping dates will vary, depending on the model and when we expect to receive new inventory. To find the expected availability date for any given model, just click the "pre-order" button. The anticipated shipping timeframe will be shown on the "model detail" page of the website. All ship dates, however, are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice.

How do I select a shipping method?

We are proud to offer customers the convenience of standard ground shipping. Your shipping charges will be displayed when you enter the zip code of the address to which your item or items are being shipped.

Please note that we do not ship on weekends or holidays.

How do I track shipment progress?

Once you receive an email from us that your order has been shipped, simply click on the link in the email to track your order, using the shipment number in the email. Note that shipping numbers are provided to PanasonicDirect by the carriers, and PanasonicDirect cannot be responsible for errors on the part of our carriers, or for the content on their websites.

Is there special shipping for large items?

Due to the size and/or weight of certain items offered for sale by PanasonicDirect, special options may be available. An explanation of these is as follows:

  • White Glove Delivery - A delivery agent will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. This service includes inside delivery to the room of your choice, unpacking, plugging in (to include one cable hookup), and debris removal. Setup and installation is not part of this service.
  • White Glove Delivery with Setup - A delivery agent will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. This service is available exclusively on delivery of Panasonic Massage Chairs, and includes: delivery and setup inside the house in the room of your choice, arms screwed in (two screws), remote holder screwed in (three screws), chair plugged in and verification of proper functionality, and debris removal.

Please note that due to their size and weight, any items requiring truck shipment, as well as White Glove and White Glove Delivery with Setup are not available for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.

Who to contact for Square Trade Care Plans?

Call 1-877-927-7268 (1-877-WARRANTY),
Or visit "http://squaretrade.force.com/support/knowledgeSupport"

What don't you cover?

The SquareTrade warranty covers malfunctions and failures that occur during normal product use. Items and issues we do not cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Accidental damage, unless you also purchased our Accidental Damage from Handling coverage
  • Damage from misuse, negligence, loss or theft, or failure to perform proper maintenance
  • Cosmetic damage to any non-operating parts which does not affect the functionality of the item
  • Television, monitor, and/or projector screen imperfections, including burn-in and dead pixels (unless such defects exceed the manufacturer's criteria for acceptable dead or stuck pixels)
  • Consumable items such as light bulbs or lamps, fuses, and batteries
  • Accessories, including chargers and extension cables
  • Software issues or data, including viruses, spyware, lost or corrupted data or programs, etc.
  • Products intended for heavy commercial or industrial use.
  • Pre-existing conditions, dead-on-arrival (DOA) items, or items that fail within any exclusionary period

How do I transfer, view, or cancel my Care Plan?

We have centralized all your Care Plans in one place and given you the control to manage them 24/7.

  • Go to the "My Warranties"tab and select "Manage my Warranties." A list of warranties will appear, and you can click on any individual warranty for more information about that Care Plan.
  • Once you have selected a specific, active Care Plan, use the options under the heading "Quick Links" to transfer your Care Plan to someone else, cancel it, or file a claim.

How does your coverage work with my manufacturer's warranty? When will my warranty start for a new item?

On new items, our coverage starts from the date of item purchase. If you purchased your item as new, some part of this period will overlap with the manufacturer's warranty that comes with your item. Most new items we cover come with a one year manufacturer's warranty

If you have a problem with a covered item while the manufacturer's warranty is still in effect, we will refer you to them so they can resolve the problem with your item. If you need assistance, we will provide any contact information we have for the manufacturer, as well as advice on how to file a claim with them. Using your manufacturer's warranty first allows you to save the value of your SquareTrade warranty for future failures.

We also cover certain issues that most manufacturers do not, such as failures caused by power surges. These issues are covered by us starting on the day your item was purchased. Also, if your item is eligible for (and you purchase) our Accidental Damage from Handling coverage, we can take claims related to this additional protection even during the manufacturer's warranty period.

How do I file a claim?

To make filing a claim as easy as possible, we've given you the control to begin this process at your convenience. You can file a claim 24/7 through your "My Warranties" account.

To access your SquareTrade Care Plan(s) to file a claim,simply:

  • Click hereto sign in.
  • Log in using your email and password.
  • If this is your first time registering or you've forgotten your password, click Create a Login and follow the directions.
  • Click on Manage My Warranties.
  • Under Active Warranties, locate and click on the warranty you wish to file a claim on.
  • Next, click on File/manage my claim located under the heading Quick Links on the right.
  • Follow the on screen prompts.

Of course, you're also welcome to call our Claims line at 877-900-7283 (Mon - Fri, 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific time) for assistance with this process.

If my item breaks, where will I have to send it?

We have specialized national repair depots that handle our repairs and reimbursement evaluations, and the majority of claims are shipped directly to them. We usually pay for shipping, both ways if applicable.

We don't use local repair shops for most claims, because it is easier for us to ensure quality repairs when we use a small selection of centrally-located repair facilities. It also is more cost-efficient, keeping our warranty prices low. Using these centralized depots allows us to maintain such high quality that we guarantee the work performed by any of these repair depots for 90 days!

If your item needs to be repaired and is too large to ship (for example, televisions over 37), we will find a shop local to you who will be able to handle your claim. We'll send someone to your home to take a look. Who it is will depend on the item and the type of issue.

If your item is shippable but needs specialized packaging, such as cameras, and flat screen televisions under 37", we will send you a prepaid shipping box and packing materials so that you can securely send your item to us.

If our Warranty Service Specialist determines that your item needs to be replaced, or that estimated repair costs would exceed the value of your coverage with us, you will receive a reimbursement so you can purchase a replacement item - up to the original purchase price of the item.

How do I get a copy of Square Trade Care Plan?

*Please Note* Your warranty contract will be emailed to you - not mailed. You will not get a paper contract unless you request one. To get a paper copy, please call us at 877-WARRANTY, available 24/7.

We will email you a confirmation that also includes the Terms & Conditions. You do not need to print or keep this email.

You can always access your contract on Square Trade by clicking on My Warranties. You can view, print, file a claim, transfer or cancel your Care Plan online at any time.

We will not mail you a paper contract. If you do require a paper copy of the contract, please contact us at 1.877.WARRANTY