ECO-i VRF Systems - Heat Recovery Outdoor Unit

  • ECO-i VRF Systems - Heat Recovery Outdoor Unit
  • Capacity Cooling: 139,000
  • Capacity Heating: 157,000
  • Includes (1) U-72MF1U9E and (1) U-72MF1U9E
  • Salt Protection

SpecificationsExpand All

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    • Type
    • Unit
    • Includes
    • Performance
    • Cooling Capacity: BTU/H
    • Cooling Capacity: Power Input: KW
    • Heating Capacity: BTU/H
    • Heating Capacity: Power Input: KW
    • Cooling Mode Nominal Conditions
    • Cooling Mode: Indoor Conditions: °F WB/°F DB
    • Cooling Mode: Outdoor Conditions: °F DB
    • Cooling Mode: Pipe Length: Feet
    • Cooling Mode: Level Difference: Feet
    • Heating Mode Nominal Conditions
    • Heating Mode: Indoor Conditions: °F DB
    • Heating Mode: Outdoor Conditions: °F DB/°F WB
    • Heating Mode: Pipe Length: Feet
    • Heating Mode: Level Difference: Feet
    • Nominal Operating Range
    • Nominal Operating Range: Cooling: °F DB
    • Nominal Operating Range: Heating: °F WB
    • Compressor
    • Type/Quantity
    • Capacity Control Range %
    • Fan
    • Fan Type/Quantity
    • Fan Motor Output: (KW)
    • External Static Pressure
    • Power Supply
    • V/PH/HZ
    • Minimum Circuits Amps (MCA): (A)
    • Max. Overcurrent Protection (MOCP): (A)
    • Weight: (LBS)
    • Coil
    • Coil Face Area: (SQ. FT.)
    • Number of Rows
    • Protection Devices
    • High Pressure Switch/Overcurrent (CT Method)
    • Crankcase Heaters (W)
    • Other
    • Salt Protection

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