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300 Watt Sound Bar Home Theater System with Subwoofer (Silver)


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  • Multi-positional Speaker Layout – Detachable 3.1ch speaker system provides multiple set-up options
  • Clear Mode Dialog – gives the sound greater depth and makes voices sound like they are coming from the TV
  • 3 HDMI inputs – greater flexibly for easy connectivity
  • Wireless Subwoofer
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Multi-positional Speaker Layout

The speaker system of the SC-HTB770 gives you the flexibility to design your home theater in a variety of ways, depending on what type of set up works best in your home. The detachable, adjustable speaker unit sounds great either horizontally or vertically, whether wall-mounted or freestanding.

Clear-mode Dialog and Dialog Level Control

Clear-mode Dialog gives you richer, more nuanced audio, making voices sound as if they're coming directly from the center of your screen. What's more, the Dialog Level Control automatically selects the perfect volume level for the dialog relative to the volume of the surround sound. This assures that you'll always hear the dialog clearly.

Wireless Subwoofer

A wireless audio signal from the main unit directly to your subwoofer opens up a world of possibilities for your Home Theater. You don't have to worry about wires, so you can place your subwoofer anywhere in the room and enjoy the rich, deep sound without any restrictions.
  • AC power cord must be connected.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

The Panasonic SC-HTB770 300 Watt Home Theater System with Subwoofer allows you to play music stored on your smartphone or PC via Bluetooth Wireless Technology. You'll enjoy clear sound, with no obstructions or signal interference.

LincsD-Amp — Delivers Pure, Brilliant Sound

Based on Panasonic's legendary MASH noise-shaping technology, the LincsD-Amp dramatically reduces the jitter and rumbling distortion that takes away from your audio clarity. So you'll always enjoy high-quality, crystal-clear surround sound.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • Output Channel
    • Power Output
    • Home Theater Mode (RMS) - Total Power
    • Home Theater Mode (RMS) - Front/ Center
    • Home Theater Mode (RMS) - Subwoofer
    • Power Output
    • Home Theater Mode (FTC) - Total Power
    • Home Theater Mode (FTC) - Front/ Center
    • Home Theater Mode (FTC) - Subwoofer
    • Dolby® Digital
    • Dolby® Pro Logic® II/ Dolby® Virtual Speaker
    • DTS™
    • FULL HD 3D Compatible
    • 1080p Output (x.v.Color™, Deep Color)
    • LincsD-Amp
    • Clear-mode Dialog
    • Dialog Level Control
    • Anti-Vibration Integrated Subwoofer
    • Down Firing Subwoofer
    • Up to 7.1ch Linear PCM Input via HDMI
    • Multi-Positional Speaker Layout
    • Multi-Angle Position Layout
    • Wireless Subwoofer
    • Auto Gain Control
    • ARC (Audio Return Channel)
    • IR Blaster Included
    • VIERA Link™ (HDAVI Control 5)
    • Wall-Mountable Speaker
    • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
    • Front
    • Configuration
    • Speaker Unit [Approx.]
    • Center
    • Configuration
    • Speaker Unit [Approx.]
    • Subwoofer
    • Configuration
    • Speaker Unit [Approx.]
    • HDMI Output
    • HDMI Input
    • Optical Input
    • Analog Audio Input
    • RCA
    • 3.5mm
    • Power Supply
    • Power Consumption [Approx.]
    • Total - Normal Use [Approx.]
    • Total - Standby [Approx.]
    • Main Unit - Normal Use [Approx.]
    • Main Unit - Standby [Approx.]
    • Subwoofer - Normal Use [Approx.]
    • Subwoofer - Standby [Approx.]
    • Suitable TV Sizes
    • Main Unit
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.]
    • Weight [Approx.]
    • Front - Horizontal Placement (for wall-mount) - HTB770/330
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.]
    • Weight [Approx.]
    • Front - Vertical Placement (with stand) - HTB770/330
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.]
    • Weight [Approx.]
    • Front - Rack Top Layout (without stand) - HTB170/70/65
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.]
    • Weight [Approx.]
    • Subwoofer
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx.]
    • Weight [Approx.]
  • Further Specifications
    • NOTE




Rated 4 out of 5 by 12 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome sound, easy setup! I bought this system for my living room and it is amazing! The subwoofer is wireless so it goes anywhere I want in the room! I really like being able to adjust the sound bar volume separately from the subwoofer. The Bluetooth range on this system is amazing as well. The only thing that I would change on this system is the source selection process; it's kind of hard to tell what device you've selected because there are only two different color LEDs used and the print for the input labels is super small, so sometimes I have to go up to the unit and double check my sources. Other than that this system is GREAT! November 25, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 Misleading Photo, Difficult Setup & no 3.5MM Jack 1st off, this this not white, it's gray. The photos are very misleading. Assembly was difficult because the instructions were awful; took close to 45 mins. It does not come with the necessary HDMI cable. If your TV isn't compatible with the type of HDMI you need (which mine isn't apparently), it doesn't come with the alternate connecting cables; so I'm still not able to use this with my TV. I'm able to use this via Bluetooth and that works great but with all other Bluetooth devices, it's obvious when it's in peering mode from blinking lights of some sort. You pretty much have to guess if it's in peering mode or not. There's also no 3.5MM jack so if you were planning on using this with an Airport Extreme and have the best of both worlds (Bluetooth and Airplay), these are definitely not the speakers for you. April 16, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Speakers Of The House As you, I wanted to enhance the audio of my TV to match its high video quality. After reading the C/Net reviews I chose Panasonic for reasons of quality and price, plus I anticipated its compatibality with my Panasonic Viera plasma TV. I purchased the SC-HTB770 via the Panasonic website ~ frankly, I'm experiencing more problems with the website than with the sound system, but that's a story for another time. The unit arrived promptly, via FedEX, Friday evening. Then began the chore of assembling and attaching the unit to the TV. Admittedly, I am a naif when it comes to connecting electronic components, so I proceeded slowly and followed each installation step without fail as I had to integrate the system into the existing tangle of wires that connect the TV to the cable system and the Blu-Ray disc and dvd player. I was stymied when attempting to integrate the dvd audio into the system, so I contacted Panasonic customer support via internet chat. I was told I needed an HDMI cable to make the connection ~ that cable was not included, it was late and local stores were closed. Plus, since I was attempting to connect a THIRD system to the TV, I thought I would need three HDMI ports but my TV has only TWO!!! On Saturday morning I called Panasonic tech support. I explained my dilemma to a very courteous rep who told me, yes, I needed a HDMI cable, but the connection could be made with the existing ports ~ then he walked me through the steps required when I got the cable. I went to an electronics store and purchased a quality HDMI cable [about $16.00], returned home, made the connections as instructed, plugged all FIVE AC cords into the surge-protector, took a deep breath, and turned on everything! VIOLA!!! Great TV sound ~ great movie and cd sound from the Blu-ray! Using the sound system remote to switch between sources was another learning process, but not too complicated nor too long! The SC-HTB770 gives me the enhanced sound I anticipated, and the set-up process, although not easy for me, was NOT the nightmare I feared. Yes, I wish the HDMI cable had been included and the instructions regarding the integration of the external systems had been somewhat easier to understand, but these irrations were minimal and far overshadowed by the superior sound the system produces! I'm an apartment dweller and this sound system fills my listening area perfectly. Am I satisified? Yes!!! My bottom-line: It exceeds my expectations!!! December 2, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Good sound, but software issues. I too have ran into the system not wanting to power up unless you unplug it (which is hassle in and of itself) to reset it. Not sure if it is issue with the unit not going back into a proper standbye state or what. It doesn't happen all the time, is just random and frustrating. Other frustrating issue is it seems you can't turn off the auto shutdown feature that kicks in if the unit doesn't receive an input for 30mins. Panasonic needs to release an updated firmware (not the June 2013 one) to address these issues, it seems my unit already has this firmware as the unit accessed my USB drive when I tried it, but didn't bother going through the update routine. I am using the system with a Panasonic GT-50 plasma via a HDMI (ARC) connection. I have had the power issues too with just leaving it on and allowing it to auto shutdown by itself and it then not wanting to power back on. On the plus side it is good improvement over the stock TV speakers and the subwoofer does great job with my setup... September 10, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Product for a Fair Value Panasonic sound system delivered an excellent sound quality for a budget sound bar-subwoofer system. It has a distinctive, modern clean line design. There's also integrated Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming to smartphones. The built-in Bluetooth made it very easy to wirelessly stream audio from my smartphone (I used Pandora and music files to test the sound quality# and it was almost as good as if it was connected via cable. Panasonic’s wireless subwoofer had a very nice clean and deep bass surprisingly for this unit size and price range. I don't have too much space in my office room and this system fitted perfectly fine. System looked very stylish and matched my brand new Panasonic TV. Connection was very seamless with the TV; all I needed to do just connect them via HDMI cable. No hassle or problems while connecting. When I played a blue -ray DVD, it had a tighter bass and a fuller, more detailed deeper sound than I expected from the system in this price range. I also liked the modular design; the system can be used as a sound bar or 2.1 speaker set up #two separate speakers#, which is very convenient and different from other sound bars on the market. I can change the set up to change things up or re-arrange speakers lay out for different the sound composition. Overall, Panasonic came out with a great product and design that is suited for smaller media rooms and/or offices. One con I found that audio optical cable was not included in the package #but i don’t believe that a lot of manufacturer do included). August 8, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Solid product for the price This is a good product. It has a nice crisp sound and good deep bass. I liked the design of the speaker system, nice clean lines and it does match my Panasonic TV. This is a solid product if you dou have a Panasonic TV; however, if you do not have a Panasonic TV you start facing some technical issues with connectivity and synergy with non-Panasonic TVs. Before I got Panasonic TV, I tried to connect the speaker system to my other TV via HDMI and it did not work. So, I had to order an optical cable. I actually do not know anyone from friends who own or heard about audio optical cable. I think this is very inconvenient; I like to open the box and be able to use the product right away. It would be nice to include a cable or even better have an option for regular AV connection if you want to sell the system to customer who do not own a Panasonic TV, Thank you, Vadim July 21, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by All you need! This home theatre system is really all you need to make the programs you watch sound like they're coming from a movie theatre. The sound is incredibly crisp and clean! Setup was a breeze and took no time at all. This is much better than other bulkier models out there which, in my opinion, are an unnecessary waste of space. I'd definitely recommend this product! July 15, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Fantastic Sound with Software Glitches When this sound system arrived on my front porch I was extremely excited and they managed to pack the entire system in a relatively small package. Having owned other Panasonic products in the past I had good hopes for this new addition and couldn't wait to get it up and running. So let me start by saying this system is extremely flexible in terms of its set up. After opening the box I was delighted to see how organized everything was in its own packaging. It was very easy to identify all of the components but to make sure I set everything up correctly I got started by studying the manual. At first I chose to combine the three speakers into the sound bar configuration, together the three speakers created a very rigid and nice looking sound bar. Also, this sound bar opted to have all connections within a separate amplifier box which is a welcome change from most sound bars where the connections are made directly to the sound bar itself. This in my opinion allows for a much cleaner overall look and more flexibility, allowing me to hide the cables much easier. I continued by connecting my blu ray player to the HDMI IN in the amplifier box with another HDMI going out of the box to the TV (ARC). After the set up I continued to read the manual to figure out which setting would be best for my situation. Once again I was able to quickly identify my best configuration and implement it. This entire set up took less than 30 minutes from opening the box to turning it on for the first time. At first sound, I was slightly underwhelmed by the sound. It seemed a little thin however it didn't take me long to adjust to the system and I realized that the sound wasn't poor, it was just that I had been so used to the sound coming from my older sound system. After a day or two I started to become more and more impressed with the sound I was achieving from this system. I started tweaking the sound to what my ears liked. I felt that the default subwoofer setting was a little too booming. This cause a slight bit of distortion during heavy base scenes in movies so I have turned the setting down to its lowest setting. I now feel that I am getting a well balances cinema sound from the system. Everything was working great... then I started running into issues. Two days after I set up the sound system I went to turn on the unit and it didn't respond. Not to the remote or the physical button on the amplifier box, to me the system seemed dead. I decided to unplug the amplifier for a power reset but even after leaving it unplugged for two minutes it still wouldn't turn back on. I repeated this multiple times with no improvement. Frustrated I unplugged the amplifier box from power and decided I would contact Panasonic later in the day to see if there was another work around or if I needed to return the sound system. Luckily I was side tracked with work and didn't get around to contacting Panasonic as the following day I decided to give it one last try. I plugged the amplifier box back in and still no power when I hit the power button on the amplifier however when I pushed the power button on the remote SUCCESS!! The unit powered on! It performed as if nothing had happened. Until the following day, once again the unit would not power on so I repeated what I had learned before and found that 10 minutes is a good amount of time for the unit to reset itself. Later that day I once again tried to power the unit on to watch a blu ray and while the unit did power on it would not pass the signal to the TV. The strange thing was that the TV's input indicator would switch when I turned on the blu ray player as if it was receiving some kind of signal but no video. After playing around with it more a new issue started to occur. My blu ray player which had never once run into an issue prior to this system started to malfunction. With the amplifier and TV turned on I would insert a blu ray in the player and it would start reading the disk then lock up. I would give it 20 minutes with no change so I would have to unplug everything and try again. The odd part was that this was not consistent as the issues would go away then return again even with the same disks. Now I have a bit of experience with HDMI issues having worked with technology (home theater in particular) for a few years and I started thinking that there may be a "hand shake" issue between this new amplifier and my older plasma and blu ray player. I decided to cut out the HDMI connection from the amplifier by buying an optical audio cable. I connected this cable from the blu ray player to the amplifier and the HDMI from the blu ray player directly to the TV and bingo all of my blu ray player problems stopped. Also, never saw the no video issue. I had the sound system for about a month when my new Panasonic 65"VT60 plasma TV arrived along with a new Panasonic BDT330 blu ray player. Feeling hopeful that the possible handshake issue would be resolved with up to date components I decided to reconnect the units via HDMI as I had done before but to no avail. The issues returned, so I reconnected via the optical method and bingo problem solved. I also decided to break the speakers apart and reconfigure them to their left and right vertical configuration with the center channel under the TV. Unfortunately that is not where my issues stopped. Although the unit will still randomly decide to not turn on and I need to reset it, I ran into a new software issue just two days ago. I had friends and family over for dinner and a movie. I turned on the TV, blu ray, and sound system once the movie had started I turned up the volume but later decided it was too loud but then I couldn't turn it down! The volume up button on both the remote and physical button on the unit worked fine (I got the lights on the unit to wave to the right) however if I pushed the volume down button on BOTH the remote and the main unit nothing happened. No wave of lights to the left, it was as if I wasn't pushing that button at all but the volume up would still work fine. Frustrated again I just unplugged the unit hoping that a power reset would fix the issue but nope, this one was persistent. I researched online how to do a manual reset of the unit and found I could achieve this by holding down the power button for four seconds. Success! The volume down button works again!!! This system sounds great (although the surround effect is not very strong at all), it looks great, and I never had one issue with the wireless sub woofer as that has worked flawlessly, but seems to be riddled with software issues ranging from not powering on, HDMI passthrough and ACR issues resulting in blu ray player malfunctions and blank display on the tv with everything on, and now volume buttons not reacting without a manual reset. Hopefully there is a way to fix this because it is a great little unit with big sound and a lot of potential with a USB service port in the back. July 10, 2013
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