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Micro System with Built-In CD Player


Micro System with Built-In CD Player, Digital Synthesizer Tuner, and Included Remote Control

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    • Preset EQ
    • Manual EQ
    • Station Presets
    • DVD-Video Playback
    • DVD-Audio Playback
    • DVD-RAM Playback
    • DVD-R Playback
    • HDCD Playback
    • CD Playback
    • CD-R/RW Playback
    • MP3 Playback
    • WMA Playback
    • HighMATTM Compatible
    • JPEG Viewer
    • Motorized Front Disc Panel
    • Remote Control
    • Player Type
    • 5-CD Changer
    • Compression Digital Re-Master Processing
    • Extra D. Bass Circuit
    • Tape Program Sensor (TPS)
    • Feather-Touch Cassette Deck
    • Programmable Timer
    • PP Cone Speakers
    • Detachable Speaker Grilles
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight

Owner's Manuals

Owner's Manuals and Documentation


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  • Where can I order parts for my product?
    You can order parts and accessories for your machine from our Parts & Accessories Department at 1-800-833-9626.
  • What should I do if my Home Theater System will not turn on?
    Try the following:
    1. Press and hold the power button on the unit for a few seconds.
    2. Ensure that the power cord is inserted properly into the back of the unit.
    3. To verify that power is available, connect another device, such as a lamp, to the power source that the unit is connected.
    4. If operation is not restored, please contact Panasonic for service assistance.
  • The remote control for my Panasonic device is no longer functioning. Is there a remote control code available that will enable me to use another manufacturer's remote to operate this device?
    You will have to contact the remote's manufacturer for the codes needed.
  • My unit has no power. What do I do?
    If the unit is not powering on, remove the power cord plug from any power strip it may be connected to and plug directly into the wall outlet.
  • How can I register for the warranty of my product?
    You may register your products online by clicking here. It is not necessary to submit this form in order to effectuate the limited warranty. As long as there is a copy of the receipt, your product warranty begins from the date of purchase.
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