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Microcassette Recorder with two rechargeable batteries

Features Microcassette Recorder with two rechargeable batteries, charger and AC adaptor

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    • Full Auto-stop
    • Auto Stop
    • Microphone Type
    • Fast Playback
    • 2-Speed Tape Selector
    • Pause
    • Cue & Review
    • Voice Activated System (VAS)
    • Sound Level Meter
    • 3-LED Remaining Power Indicator
    • LED Rec./Battery Indicator
    • 3 Digit Tape Counter
    • Batteries Required
    • Built-in Front Speaker
    • Auto Reverse Playback
    • Lock System
    • One-touch and Follow-up Recording
    • Jacks
    • Standard Accessories
    • UPC 037988309160

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