SHOCKWAVE® Metal Headphone


SHOCKWAVE® Metal Headphone, Black and Red Color

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    • XBS
    • Digital Servo System
    • Resume Play/Random Play
    • Built-in FM/AM Digital Tuner
    • Brain Shaker (VMSS)
    • S-XBS
    • Pop-Up Disc Eject System
    • Key-hold Switch
    • Auto-power Off
    • Aluminum Body
    • Floating Construction
    • Side Rubber Protector
    • Water Resistant
    • AM Frequency Step
    • Normal/City FM Reception Selector
    • Direction Switch
    • Anti-rolling Mechanism
    • FF and Rewind
    • Large Animation Display
    • Battery Checker
    • SHOCKWAVE Headphones
    • SHOCKWAVE Hand Grip
    • Tuner
    • Weight (without batteries)
    • Memory Preset (Stations)
    • Batteries Required
    • Auto Reverse Playback
    • Lock System
    • Continuous Play Time
    • Flexible 4-way Power Supply
    • Built-in Center Speaker
    • Electronic Volume Control
    • Auto Tuning
    • Detachable Speaker Grilles
    • MP3 Album and Track Display
    • Preset EQ
    • Flexible 3-way Power Supply
    • Shockwave Tough Body Design
    • Sound Virtualizer
    • Key-hold System
    • Multi-informational, Large LCD Digital Readout

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