20" Diagonal Stereo TV / 4-Head Hi-Fi VHS VCR Combination


20" Diagonal Stereo TV / 4-Head Hi-Fi VHS VCR Combination

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    • MTS/SAP Reception
    • FM Radio w/Auto Scan
    • Alarm Clock
    • Front Firing Speaker
    • Front A/V and Earphone Jacks
    • Trilingual On-Screen Display (English/Spanish/French)
    • Ready to Play
    • All Channel Auto Set
    • Auto Clock Set with 24-Hour Backup
    • Index Search
    • Commercial Skip
    • Program End Search
    • Tape Status/Tape Position Display
    • Channel Caption
    • V-Chip Parental Guidance System
    • White Cabinet
    • Time Stamp
    • PanaBlack™ Picture Tube
    • VCR Plus+®
    • Wireless Audio
    • Two Line Digital Comb Filter
    • Two Tuner with Picture-in-Picture
    • AC/DC Operation Capability (12V/24V DC)
    • 4-Head Mono VCR
    • Auto Head Cleaner
    • Trilingual On-Screen Display
    • Tape Status



Owner's Manuals
  • What should I do if my TV will not turn on and the power indicator LED is not flashing?
    Follow these troubleshooting steps:
    • Make sure your TV's power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet.
    • Make sure the electrical outlet the TV is plugged into has power by testing known working device in that outlet.
    • After verifying the TV is plugged into a working outlet, try pressing the [POWER] button on the TV instead of the TV remote.
    If the outlet is working and the TV will not turn on after pressing the [POWER] button on the TV, please consider having the unit serviced. Click here for Panasonic Service Locator.
  • What should I do if the front Power indicator LED light is blinking?
    1. Unplug the TV's power cord.
    2. Unplug all cables.
    3. Power the TV using a different power outlet (do not use a power strip or surge protector).

    If the problem persists, consider having the TV serviced. Click here for Panasonic Service Locator.

    Note: Count how many times the LED light blinks. This can help a technician troubleshoot the problem.
  • What should I do if I get audio but no picture from an external device connected to my TV?
    • Try unplugging the cable between the TV and the external device and reconnecting it firmly on both sides.
    • Try unplugging the power cord of the external device for 30 seconds.
    • Try connecting another external device to the same input using the same cable.
    • If the picture returns on the second device, you may need to contact the manufacturer of the first external device you had connected for further troubleshooting.
    • Try using a different cable between your device and the TV using the same input of your TV. If you get a picture and audio, you may need to replace your cable.
    • Try another input of the TV to verify if there is an issue with the TV input the external device was connected to.
  • What should I do if I have bars displaying on the TV screen?
    Change the format (aspect ratio) of the picture by pressing the [FORMAT] or [ASPECT] button on the TV's remote control. If you still have bars, check the aspect settings on your external video source, such as Cable/Satellite box, DVD/Blu-ray Disc player, etc. Note: Some content, such as film-based movies, are available in extra-wide format. Top and bottom bars are unavoidable.
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