Digital Palmcorder® Camcorder


Digital Palmcorder® Camcorder with 2.5" diag. Color LCD Monitor, Built-in Light

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    • Mini DV Format
    • CCD
    • 2-in-1 MultiCamTM Camcorder
    • Leica Dicomar Lens
    • Megapixel Still Picture Recording
    • Quad-Density Pixel Distribution
    • Mega Still® Pictures (1 Million pixel still interpolation)
    • Hi-Definition Zoom
    • Digital Zoom
    • Tele-JumpTM Zoom
    • Color LCD Monitor
    • Viewfinder
    • i.LINK (IEEE 1394)(interface cable optional)
    • PHOTOVU LINK (USB Connection)
    • PHOTOVU LINK (RS-232C Serial Connection)
    • USB Port
    • Mega Optical Image Stabilizer
    • Electronic Image Stabilization
    • PhotoShot® Built-in Digital Still Camera
    • RapidFireTM Consecutive Still Shots
    • SD Memory Card Included
    • Built-in Flash
    • Progressive PhotoShot® Mode
    • Picture-in-Picture
    • Web (camera)
    • Built-in SD Drive
    • SD Voice Recorder
    • MagicVuTM IR Filter (0 Lux) (recording in no light)
    • MagicPixTM Images (color recording in low light)
    • Built-in Light
    • LCD Light Panel
    • Quick Start
    • MPEG4 Movie Recording
    • MPEG4 Movie MessengerTM System
    • Zoom Mic
    • ArcSoft® Software Suite (4 titles)
    • Manual Focus Ring
    • IR Remote Control
    • MagicWireTM Remote Control (with Narration)
    • Easy-Grip Strap
    • High Speed Shutter (Auto, 1/60 1/8,000)
    • Easy Cassette Eject
    • Digital Effects (Record & Playback)
    • Cinema Mode
    • 5-Mode Program AE (Auto Exposure)
    • Audio
    • Wind Noise Reduction
    • Slow/Frame Advance (with IR Remote Control)
    • Index Search Scene/Photo (with IR Remote Control)
    • Focus (Auto/Manual)
    • Self Record
    • SP/LP Record Mode
    • Multi-Screen
    • Audio Dubbing (SP Only)
    • Battery & Tape Indicators
    • S-Video Out
    • S-Video In
    • External Microphone Input
    • Headphone Jack
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight



Owner's Manuals
  • Does software come with this camcorder?
    HD Writer VE 2.0 You can copy the motion/still picture data to the HDD of PCs or write to media such as Blu-ray discs, DVD discs or SD cards using HD Writer VE 2.0, which is the software installed in the supplied CD-ROM. Refer to the operating instructions of HD Writer VE 2.0 (PDF file) for details on how to use it.
  • Are there drivers available for Windows 7 or 8?
    No, there are no drivers for Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • If I turn the camcorder upside down , I hear rattling noise is this normal?
    This rattling noise is the Optical image stabilization sensor which assists with reduces any handshake while recording. This is normal.
  • How do I clean my camcorder?
    Before cleaning, detach the battery or pull out the AC adaptor from the AC outlet, and then wipe the product with a dry soft cloth.
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