61" Diagonal DLP™ Technology Projection HDTV


61" Diagonal DLP™ Technology Projection HDTV with Built-In ATSC/QAM/NTSC Tuners and CableCARD Slot - Shown with Optional Stand


Digital Light Processing 153; Technology—High Contrast, Sharp Details
Panasonic projection TVs with Texas Instruments DLP 153; Technology utilize a small chip containing over a million microscopic mirrors that pivot back and forth in concert with a high-speed rotating color wheel. The advanced DLP 153; optical system produces a bright, high-resolution, high contrast image in a display that is lighter and thinner than conventional CRT-based projection TVs.

Panasonic TVs with DLP 153; technology incorporate some of the latest DLP 153; advances, including the HD2+ Digital Micromirror Device and an 8-segment color wheel that helps minimize dithering artifacts. The single chip design also allows for perfect convergence since there aren't separate chips for red, green, and blue like conventional projection displays.

To learn more about DLP 153; technology and its many benefits, please visit the Texas Instruments DLP 153; web site.

Deep Blacks, Bright Whites, and Lush Colors
The realism of a TV's image is strongly linked to its contrast ratio, and this TV features a high contrast ratio of up to 2500:11. Such a wide range from black to white means great depth and dimensionality with vibrant colors. Deep blacks provide excellent shadow detail during dark scenes, while brilliant whites allow our DLP 153 TVs to render bright scenes with vivid realism.

A Single Cable Carries High-Quality Digital Audio and VideoIf you have even a moderately complicated home theater setup, you probably have a pile of tangled cables on the floor behind it. Imagine replacing all those cables with a single cable that carries both digital video and audio at the same time. With the new HDMI standard, that's exactly what you get. The HDMI connector on this TV accepts high-quality digital video and audio via the same thin cable, allowing you to run one cable from the source to the TV.

Share Digital Photos On the Big Screen with Photo Viewer
The best images you can ever view on a Panasonic DLP 153 TV don't have anything to do with HDTV. Share your photos taken with a Lumix® digital camera on a Panasonic DLP 153 TV using the built-in SD card slot. Simply insert the SD card, which is about the size of a postage stamp, into the SD slot on the TV and enjoy a photo slideshow.

A Cinema-Style Viewing Experience At Home
This widescreen TV features a width-to-height ratio similar to movie theater screens, providing a theater-like experience at home. View HDTV broadcasts and widescreen DVDs the way they were meant to be seen.

V-Chip Program Lockout
The V-Chip allows users to block programming that may be inappropriate for certain viewers. Using program ratings embedded in TV broadcasts, the V-Chip lets parents decide the programming to which their children have access. Blocked program material is accessible only by entering a 4-digit code that parents create. For more detailed information on V-Chip, click here.

Crisp, Lifelike Details
HDTV broadcasts and DVDs offer more detail and better color than analog broadcasts, and it takes a high-resolution display to deliver all that picture information. The high pixel count of this DLP 153 display provides fine detail for outstanding HDTV reproduction. More pixels also translate into less stair-stepping artifacts; curved and diagonal edges look smooth and natural.

Select Video Inputs Directly

  1. Contrast ratio specified for Texas Instruments HD2+ Digital Micromirror Device.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • VIDEO:
    • Screen Size
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Display Technology
    • Native Resolution
    • Progressive Cinema Scan (3/2 Pulldown)
    • Progressive Scan Doubler
    • HDTV Display Capability
    • Digital Comb Filter
    • Edge Correction
    • AUDIO:
    • Speakers
    • Total Output Power
    • BBE® High Definition Sound
    • TV Stereo
    • SP On-Off System
    • Artificial Intelligence Sound
    • Stereo/SAP with dbx NR
    • Surround Sound
    • Integrated ATSC Tuner
    • SD Memory Card Slot (Photo Viewer)
    • HDMI-HDCP Interface
    • Analog Audio Input (for HDMI)
    • A/V Input Jacks
    • S-Video Inputs
    • Component Video Inputs
    • Audio Input (for Component Video)
    • Audio Output
    • Digital Audio Out
    • UHF/VHF Inputs
    • Menu Language
    • Clock and Sleep Timer
    • V-Chip Program Lockout
    • Auto Shut Off
    • Built-In Closed Caption Decoder
    • Remote Control
    • OTHER:
    • 181-Channel NTSC Tuner
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight



Firmware & Drivers FIRMWARE
    • Version:
    • Issues Addressed:
    • Release Date:
    • Operating Systems:
    • Version:
    • Issues Addressed:
    • Release Date:
    • Operating Systems:
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