Cordless Steam/Dry Iron and Charging Base with Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate

  • Cordless
  • Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate
  • Built-In Retractable Cord
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Heat-Resistant Carrying Case

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  • More Details
    • DESIGN
    • Color (Iron / Water Tank)
    • Soleplate Style
    • Soleplate Finish
    • Water Tank
    • Iron Handle
    • Built-in Retractable Cord Reel
    • Temperature Control
    • TEMPERATURE READY Indicator Light
    • Heat Resistant Carrying Case
    • Easy Glide - Curved Soleplate
    • Time Saving - Multi-Directional Soleplate
    • Selectable Fabric / Temperature Dial
    • Adjustable Steam Amount
    • Extra Jet-of-Steam
    • Water Mist
    • Water Tank Capacity (oz.)
    • Vertical Steam
    • Automatic Water Seal
    • Stay Clean Steam Vents
    • Quick Reference Fabric / Temp. Chart
    • Easy Storage / Carrying Case w/ Handle
    • SAFETY
    • Auto Shut-Off
    • Power Supply
    • Rated Power
    • Iron - Temperature Range
    • DIMENSIONS (H x W x D) (in.)
    • WEIGHT (lbs.)
    • UPC 037988741441

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  • Will my steam/dry iron stick to fabric when spray starch is used while ironing?
    No. The steam/dry iron will not stick to the fabric when ironing with starch.  Selecting the correct temperature will prevent fabric from sticking to the iron.
  • What is the recommended voltage for this steam/dry iron?
    The recommended voltage for this steam/dry iron is 120V.
  • Water spotting occurs when I am using the "Jet of Steam" function on this steam/dry iron. How can I fix this issue?
    The "Jet of Steam" function only operates properly when using the High temperature setting. Water spotting will occur in lower settings
    because the steam/dry iron is not hot enough to change the water to steam. To prevent water from dripping out of the soleplate after jetting steam, allow approximately 5 seconds of interval time before re-pumping steam.
  • The steam/dry iron is emitting a white powdery substance while ironing, especially when using the Jet of Steam function. How can I fix this issue?
    The powder or particles are impurities and minerals found in water. These particles can be brushed off  the clothing or fabric.
  • Sometimes my clothes become discolored or marked after they have been ironed. How can I fix this issue?
    Set the temperature correctly according to the fabric being ironed. If there is cleaning residue on the fabric, the clothes may become brown after being ironed.
  • Is this cordless steam/dry iron rechargeable? (NI-L70,NI-WL600)
    No. This steam/dry iron is not rechargeable.
  • Is it necessary to use distilled water in my steam/dry iron?
    Using regular water may cause build up of calcium or lime in the iron's steam vents. We suggest using distilled water to prevent this build up from occurring.
  • I hear a clicking sound in my steam/dry iron when the anti-drip system is activated. How can I fix this?
    This clicking sound is normal and is not a malfunction.
  • I can no longer power on this steam/dry iron. How can I fix this issue?
    Check to make sure that the power cord is securely inserted into the wall outlet. If it is connected properly, try another power outlet.
  • How do I fill this steam/dry iron with water? (NI-L70, NI-WL600)
    Remove the water tank by pressing the release button. Open the water fill cover. Fill the water tank up to the "MAX" line. Close the water fill cover. Re-install the water tank into the main unit. Push it until a click sound is heard.
  • How can I use this iron as a steam iron? (NI-L70, NI-WL600)
    Fill the iron with water. Plug the power cord into a power outlet. Set the iron on the power base securely. The green "OFF" light will turn on. Push the "SET" pad to the corresponding temperature level (Low, Med or High) . The red light will start blinking. Hold the iron horizontally and move the Steam/Dry selector into the desired steam position after the temperature control light turns on continuously. You may begin ironing.
  • How can I use this iron as a dry iron? (NI-L70, NI-WL600)
    Move the Steam/Dry selector to the "Dry" position. Plug the power cord into a power outlet. Set the iron on the power base securely. The green "OFF" light will turn on. Push the "SET" pad until the red blinking light reaches your desired temperature level. Wait until the temperature control light turns on continuously. You can then start ironing.
  • How can I use the spray function on this steam/dry iron?
    The spray feature is useful mainly when trying to remove stubborn wrinkles and where extra dampening is needed. This function may be used for steam or dry ironing. To use the spray function simply press the "Spray Mist" button whenever spray is desired. If spray does not come out immediately, keep pressing until it comes. To get a finer spray, press the button vigorously and to get a more powerful spray, press the button more slowly.
  • How can I clean this steam/dry iron?
    Make sure the iron has cooled down after use. Wipe the iron with a damp cloth if necessary using a mild detergent. Starch and other residue can be easily removed from the soleplate using a damp cloth. To avoid scratching the finish, never use a metallic pad to clean the soleplate and never place the iron on a rough surface.

    If synthetics are being ironed on a higher temperature level than instructed, not only will fabric be ruined, but the soleplate will often be covered with melted synthetic fabric. The best way to remove synthetic residue from the soleplate is to iron over an old cotton rag after heating the iron.
  • Does this steam/dry iron have an auto shut-off function?
    Yes. The steam/dry iron will shut off automatically if it is on the power base for more than 10 minutes. 10 seconds before shut-off, the "OFF" indicator will start blinking rapidly.
  • Does this steam/dry iron have an anti-drip system?
    Yes. The anti-drip system will activate when the temperature of the soleplate's surface drops below 250°F (121°C). The valve in the vaporizing chamber in the iron will close, stopping water from going any further. This prevents hot non vaporized water from ejecting out of the soleplate when the iron has cooled down
  • Does this steam/dry iron have a retractable power cord?
    Yes. The power cord is retractable.
  • Can I use this steam/dry iron to vertically steam my garment?
    Yes. Hang the garment on a clothes hanger to get the best results when vertically steaming. Curtains and drapes may also be steamed once they are hung. Hold the iron close to the fabric then hold the fabric tightly with your free hand and pump the Vertical Steam button (Jet of Steam button) at 5 second intervals as you pass the iron over the wrinkled fabric.
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