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Kettle with High Quality Stainless Steel and Violet Finish


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  • 1.4 L Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Wrap
  • Cool Touch Exterior
  • Auto Shut-off for additional safety
  • Blue LED Indicator / Easy to view Water Level Indicator

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    • Color
    • Main Unit Material
    • Features
    • Capacity
    • Operation Method
    • Electricity display
    • Temperature Control
    • Interior Material
    • Scale Filter
    • Prevention from Spill Function
    • Lid open mechanism
    • Water Gauge
    • A non-exposing heater
    • 360-degree base
    • Integrated cord storage
    • Exterior Dimensions (inches)
    • Width
    • Height
    • Depth
    • UPC
    • UPC 885170105294

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FAQsFrequently asked questions about your product

  • Why is there shiny white or brown substances floating in the kettle's water? (NC-ZK1V)
    This is scale. Scale is usually generated when using water with high mineral content. Clean the kettle with a scale remover.
  • Where can I order parts for my product?
    You can order parts and accessories for your machine from our Parts & Accessories Department at 1-800-833-9626.
  • What type of material is the inner pot made of in my kettle? (NC-ZK1V, NC-HU401P)
    The inner pot is made of a material called bincho-tan or white charcoal.
  • Water is dripping from the base of the NC-ZK1V kettle. How can I fix this issue?
    The kettle is designed to sense steam then turn off the power switch, the steam can condense and drip
    from the bottom of the body as water droplets. This is not a malfunction.
  • Is there a temperature control option on this kettle?
    No. The temperature cannot be adjusted on this unit. The water is heated until it starts to boil. The water usually takes around three minutes to boil.
  • Is citric acid harmful?
    No. Citric acid is used for cleaning and is a food additive that is harmless.
  • I can no longer power on this kettle. How can I fix this?
    Check to make sure that the power cord is securely inserted into the wall outlet. If it is connected properly try another power outlet.
  • I am seeing crystal-looking material on the inner container of the Thermo Pot. Is the container corroded?
    While you are using this thermo pot, minerals from water such as calcium can build up inside the inner container or on the mesh filter. This material is called "scale" and it is harmless. Clean the inner container with a wet sponge. If the scale still remains you can clean this material off using citric acid, once every 2 or 3 months.

    Models: NC-ZK1V, NC-EH22PC, NC-EH30PC, NC-EH40PC, NC-HU301P, NC-HU401P
  • I am hearing a clicking sound in the kettle after use. Is this normal?
    This occurs when an internal heat component cools down. This is not a malfunction.
  • How much water can this kettlet hold?
    The unit can hold a maximum capacity of 1.4 litres of water.
  • How long do I have to wait to boil water again after the kettle shuts off?
    You can begin the boiling process again three minutes after the kettle shuts off.
  • How do I remove the odd smelling odor coming from the water on the thermo pot?
    Make sure that the inner container is not empty when the unit is heating. When the thermo pot is new, the resin used in the manufacturing process may give off a mild odor. The odor will go away after repeated use of the pot. Also, if the unit is placed on surfaces, such as vinyl sheet, the odor from the sheet may be carried over into the water.
  • How do I know what the water level is without opening the kettle? (NC-ZK1V)
    You can figure out the water level by looking at the water level window on the kettle.
  • How can I register for the warranty of my product?
    You may register your products online by clicking here. It is not necessary to submit this form in order to effectuate the limited warranty. As long as there is a copy of the receipt, your product warranty begins from the date of purchase.
  • Does this kettle whistle when the water starts to boil?
    No. The kettle does not whistle during the boiling process.
  • Does this kettle have a filter?
    Yes. The kettle has a mesh filter that is located inside the spout.
  • Does this electric kettle give any indicator at the end of the boiling process?
    The kettle light will power off at the end of the boiling process.
  • Does the exterior of the kettle get very hot during the boiling process?
    No. There is no excess heat on the outside of the kettle during the boiling process. The exterior of the unit will remain warm.
  • Can I use lemons instead of citric acid to clean the inner container of my Kettle?
    Yes. Lemons can be used as an alternative to citric acid.

    Models: NC-ZK1V, NC-EH22PC, NC-EH30PC, NC-EH40PC, NC-HU301P, NC-HU401P
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