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Link-to-cell Bluetooth Cellular Convergence Solution with 4 Handsets


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Link-to-cell Bluetooth Cellular Convergence Solution with 4 Handsets

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    • Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)
    • Belt Clip
    • Redial Memory (Handset)
    • Mute/Flash Buttons
    • Intercom (Handset to Handset/Handset to Base)
    • Conference Call with Outside Line
    • Call Sharing
    • Auto Talk
    • Clock/Alarm
    • Menu Operation
    • Wall Mountable
    • Silent Mode
    • Function Menu Default
    • Number of LCD Language Display
    • Caller ID/Phonebook
    • Caller ID Compatible
    • Caller ID Memory
    • Phonebook Memory (Name and Number)
    • Chain Dial
    • Ringer ID
    • Voice Mail
    • Weight & Dimensions
    • Base Dimensions H x W x D (in.)
    • Handset Dimensions H x W x D (in)
    • Charger Dimensions H x W x D (in.)
    • Base Weight (lbs.)
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    • Charger Weight (lbs.)
    • UPC 885170027480

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  • Does my phone have a Voicemail alert indicator?
    No. Each of the handset included in the package has a message alert indicator but it will only flash for messages recorded on the machine. If you are subscribed to a Voice mail service from the phone company and new messages are recorded to your phone company mail box then "New Voice Mail" will be displayed on the handset.
  • How can I insert a pause into a phone number (for voicemail, calling card, etc.)?
    When entering a number into the phonebook, just press [PAUSE] on the handset between the two numbers you want. Each pause is 3.5 seconds, so you may need to use more than one to make sure the other end has a chance to answer first.
  • How can I turn on/off the LED light on the top of my handset?
    The message indicator lights up when you have a new voicemail message, answering machine message, or when you are receiving a call. You can change the setting for the voicemail indicator and message indicator by pressing [MENU] [#] [3] [4] [0] and press [▲] or [▼] to switch between off and on, then select [Save]. It is not possible to turn off the LED for an incoming call.
  • How do I check my voicemail using the handset?
    To retrieve your voicemail message(s) from your Telephone Provider, you will need to enter in the voicemail access number. To store your voicemail access number on the handset, follow the below: Press [MENU] [#] [3] [3] [1] Enter in the voicemail access number Press [SAVE] [VM] will appear on the display once you have stored the voicemail number. Note: Please contact your Telephone Provider if you do not know the Voicemail access number, PIN and/or password.
  • How do I clear 'New Voicemail' on my handset's display?
    Your telephone is alerting you that you have a new voice message from your phone company's assigned Voice mailbox. Procedure to access your voice mailbox would vary depending on the instructions of your phone company / service provider. Once you listen to your new messages, "New Voicemail" should be cleared from the handset.

    Note: If the handset still indicates there are new messages even after you have listened to all new messages, turn it off by pressing and holding [#] until the handset beeps.
  • What is FSK?
    Frequency Shift Keying or FSK is a signal used by service providers to alert you that you have a new voicemail message recorded on your assigned mailbox.
  • Can I answer an incoming call from the landline when on a cell line or the reverse?
    You can handle a cellular call and a landline call at the same time. When another call is being received during a conversation, the interrupt tone sounds and the 2nd caller's information is displayed if you subscribe to Caller ID. You can answer the 2nd call while holding the 1st call.
  • Can I block calls using my phone?
    Some models will allow you to block calls. Caller ID service is required to identify phone numbers to match what you have stored on the call block list. Some units are capable of blocking up to 250 phone numbers, if you have more than 250 numbers to block then subscribing to a call block service from you phone company is an option. Please refer to the operating manual for additional information.
  • Why is the Caller ID not working?
    You must confirm that your Caller ID service is working properly from your phone company and the best way for you to verify is to check other Caller ID compatible phones in the house. If the rest of your other phones is not showing the caller ID number as well, it is recommended to call your phone company. If problem is only happening on your Panasonic phone then have the phone plugged in on a different phone jack to test, you may also change the line mode setting on your phone if it doesn't work.

    To change line mode, on your handset:
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [2] [2]
    2. Change setting from default "B" to "A"
    3. Press [SAVE] then [OFF]
  • How do I unblock a number from my phone?

    To unblock a number do the following procedure:

    1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [2] [1] [7]
    2. Press the [▲] or the [▼] to select your desired entry
    3. Press the softkey [ERASE]
    4. Press [SELECT] on "Yes"
    5. Press [OFF] to exit the setting.
  • How do I set the date and time on my handset?
    Depending on your model, please follow the below options:

    OPTION #1
    Using the handset, press [MENU] then press the [▲] or [▼] to scroll to "Date and time" then press [OK]. Enter the hour and minute using two digits for each; press the soft key for [*] to select between AM and PM, then press [OK] to save your setting.

    OPTION #2
    Using the handset, press [MENU] [#] [1] [0] [1]. Enter the date in the order month, date, year using two digits for each, then press [OK]. Now enter the hour and minute using two digits for each; press [*] to select between AM and PM, then press [OK]
  • Can I access my answering machine while I am away from home?
    Yes. You can access the answering machine remotely by dialing your phone number on any touch tone phone to call it and as soon as you hear your greeting message play, enter your mailbox password or remote code and follow the voice prompt, as soon as you are done listening to your messages you can hang up.
  • How can I turn on the audible message alert to notify when I have a new message on the answering machine?
    Some models have this feature to allow the base unit to beep to inform you of a new message arrival when new messages are recorded. The base unit beeps 2 times every minute until you listen to the messages, if the "Base unit beep" setting is turned on. The default setting is "Off".
    To activate the feature follow these procedure:
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [3] [3] [9]
    2. Select the desired setting, "ON" or "OFF"
    3. Press SAVE then the OFF button
  • How do I change my remote access code for my answering machine?
    A remote access code must be entered to operating the answering system remotely. This code prevents unauthorized parties from listening to your messages when your away from home. To change your remote code, perform one of the following procedures below using your cordless handset:
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [3] [0] [6] on the handset
    2. Key in your preferred 3 digit code
    3. Press [OK] or [SAVE]

    * * * OR * * *

    1. Press [MENU] and scroll down by pressing [▲] or [▼] until "Answering Device" is displayed, then press [OK]
    2. Press your [▲] or [▼] repeatedly until "Setting" is displayed, then press [OK]
    3. Press your [▲] or [▼] until "Remote Code" is displayed, then press [OK]
    4. Key in your preferred 3 digit code
    5. Press [OK] or [SAVE] to save the change then press [OFF]
    Note: that you won't be able to access your messages from your answering machine when you are away from your phone if you forget your remote access code.
  • How do I remotely turn on my unit's answering machine using a touch-tone telephone?
    Dial your phone number and let the phone ring until the answering machine picks up.
  • Why does my answering machine says "Memory Full"?
    The error message indicates that the answering machine's maximum recording time was reached. You need to erase messages from your answering machine for it to start recording new messages again. The ANSWER ON indicator on the base unit flashes rapidly when you have reached maximum capacity.
  • Does my phone have Bluetooth capability?
    Yes, some models supports Bluetooth connectivity. Your cell phone must be Bluetooth capable. After you pair the cell phone to the telephone, you will be able to do one or more of the following:

    Use any of the handset to make or answer calls
    Copy the phonebook items from your cell phone to the telephone
    Register a Bluetooth headset for hands-free conversation

    Cell Phone Compatibility Chart
  • How do I copy the contacts on my cell phone to my Panasonic phone?
    Please note the following before you start copying your cell phone contacts to your Panasonic phone:
    • If a copied entry has 2 or more phone numbers, each phone number (6 max.) is stored as a separate entry with the same name.
    • Your cell phone's Bluetooth is turned on If a phonebook entry includes additional data such as a picture, that entry may fail to copy to the base unit.
    • If you receive a call while copying phonebook entries, the copying procedure stops. Try again after finishing the call.
    • Check your cell phone's compatibility by clicking here.
    Follow these procedure to copy Phonebook Items via Bluetooth from cell phone:
    1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [6] [1] [8].
    2. Press [SELECT] on your desired cellular phone. If the cell phone is registered press [SELECT] on "Other Cell".
    3. Once "Transfer Phonebook" from cell appears on the cordless handset, start pairing your cell phone to the KXTGxx device and follow your Cellular phone's instructions.
    4. For other cellular phones (not registered), you need to search for and select the base unit. The base unit PIN (default: "0000") may be required. The entries being copied are displayed on the handset.
    Note: Phone book entries that have additional data such as pictures, special ringtones attached to them may fail to transfer to the base when using Link2Cell. The transfer operation will stop at that instance.
  • How do I deregister my Bluetooth device on my phone system?
    To deregister a Bluetooth device from the base unit's memory, follow these instructions:
    1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [1] [3] [4]
    2. Press [▲ ] or [▼] to scroll which Bluetooth device needs to be deregistered
    3. Press [SELECT] on the icon for a headset or for a cellular phone
    4. Press [SELECT] for "YES" to confirm procedure on the handset Light indicator for Bluetooth device should turn off on the base
    5. Press [OFF] on the handset to exit the setting
  • How do I unpair or disconnect my cell phone from my Panasonic phone?
    To permanently unpair and remove your Bluetooth enabled device from the base unit. Follow one these steps:
    1. On the handset:
    2. For CELL 1 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [1] [1] [1]
    3. For CELL 2 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [1] [1] [2]
    4. For CELL 3 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [1] [1] [3]
    5. For CELL 4 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [1] [1] [4]
    6. Press [▲] [▼] to select "Yes"
    7. Press [SELECT]
    8. Press [OFF] to exit
    * * * OR * * *
    1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [1] [3] [4]
    2. Press [▲] [▼] to select the device to unpair
    3. Press [SELECT]
    4. Press [▲] [▼] to select "Yes"
    5. Press [SELECT]
    6. Press [OFF] to exit

    To temporarily disconnect your Bluetooth enabled cell phone from the base unit. Follow these steps:

    1. On the handset:
    2. For CELL 1 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [2] [5] [1]
    3. For CELL 2 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [2] [5] [2]
    4. For CELL 3 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [2] [5] [3]
    5. For CELL 4 - Press [MENU] [#] [6] [2] [5] [4]
    6. Press [OFF] to exit

    • Even if you temporarily disconnect your cell phone from the base, the auto connect feature will reconnect the cell phone and base when they are within range.
    • "CELL 3" & "CELL 4" options are available on select models
  • What is Link2Cell?
    • Link2Cell is a cordless phone system that operates together with your cell phone. Simply charge your cell phone via the USB port and sync the two via Bluetooth. Now you're ready to make and receive cell calls that are automatically routed through all your home phone handsets. Which means there's no need to carry your cell phone around your home.
    • With Link2Cell's Phonebook Transfer feature, you can transfer names and numbers from your cell phone to the built-in handset directory via Bluetooth.
    • Link2Cell also features Bluetooth headset connectivity so you can keep the conversation going and your hands free.
    • Link2Cell series includes a Text Message Alert function which signals the home phone handsets when you receive a text on your cell or smart phone.

    Note: Link2Cell features will vary depending on model.

  • When I make a phone call using my Link2Cell, does the cell phone need to be near the base unit?
    Yes, we recommend that the cell phone be near the base unit.
  • Why do I hear an echo on my handset?
    This is normal. When you first use your phone, there may be a slight echo because the microphone is being calibrated. This will occur again if the base is disconnected from the power outlet, or after a power outage. If echo continues for several days try to reset the handset by removing the batteries from the unit for a few seconds.
  • Why can't I hear the dial tone?
    Make sure that the base unit has power. Check if all cords are secure and plugged in properly from the wall and from the back of the base unit. Try to plug the unit to a known working jack then test again. If you have a different phone on the same line, and you are also not getting a dial tone, it is possibly a line problem. If that is the case, it is advised to contact your local phone company for further assistance.
  • Why does the handset display "Check Tel Line", "Check tel line 1", or "Check tel line 2"?
    Check the connections by making sure the supplied phone line is securely plugged into the back of the phone and wall jack. You can also try to plug the phone into a different phone jack inside the house or at a friends house to test that you are not having a line problem.
  • Why does the handset display "No Link to base. Reconnect AC Adapter"?
    Disconnect the AC adapter from the unit, wait for 5 seconds, then reconnect. The plug may have become loose over time or may not be fully inserted. If that does not work, try re-registering the handset.
  • Why does the phone display "Line in Use" or "Busy"?
    Someone might be using the line. If you have multiple handsets, please check to see if the other handsets were properly hung up or in the charger. If you have already done this, and the error "Line in use" is still appearing on the phone, check any other phones are getting a dial tone.

    If the problem persists, follow these procedure:
    1. Unplug your Panasonic phone both from the phone jack.
    2. Try relocating the telephone on a different phone jack inside the house.
    3. Try using a different line cord if you have any other available.
    4. Try using the phone at a friend or neighbors house.
  • How can I re-register my handset or register additional handsets?
    To register a handset, perform the following steps:
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [3] [0] on the Handset
    2. Press and hold down the [LOCATOR] button on the base for about 5 seconds until you hear the registration tone
      If all registered handsets starts ringing, press [LOCATOR] again to stop, then repeat this step, procedure needs to be completed within 90 seconds
    3. Press [OK] on the handset
  • How do I deregister a handset which is no longer in use?
    To deregister a handset, you will need to follow the below steps: Press [MENU] [#] [1] [3] [1]

    To deregister a handset, you will need to follow the below steps:

    1. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [3] [1]
    2. Press [▲]/[▼] to select the handset
    3. Press [SELECT]
    4. Press [▲]/[▼] to select "YES"
    5. Press [SELECT] to deregister the handset
    Enter [3] [3] [5] [OK] Select the handset you want to cancel by pressing the desired handset(s) number Select [OK] [▲]/[▼]: "YES" [SELECT]
  • How do I adjust incoming ringer volume?
    To adjust the ringer volume of the handset or Base unit. Press [+] or [-] on the base or [▲] or [▼] on the cordless handset repeatedly to select the desired volume while the unit is ringing for an incoming call.
  • How do I adjust the volume on my handset during a call?
    To adjust the volume of the handset during a call, you can press [▲] or [▼] on the handset.
  • How do I change the ringer tone of my handset?
    To change the ringer tone of the handset. Press [MENU] on the handset then press [OK] to Select "INITIAL SETTING". Press [OK] again for "RINGER SETTING". Press [▲] or [▼] repeatedly to get to "RINGER TONE" then press [OK] you can choose from the selection on the phone by pressing [▲] or [▼] Press [OK] to select your desired ringer tone.
  • Can I change the channel of my phone?
    The frequency is fixed and the channel cannot be changed, the telephone bandwidth is selected automatically.
  • Can I change the font size on the display of my phone?
    No. The font size is fixed and there is no option to change it.
  • Can I change the language display on my cordless phone from English to Spanish?
    Yes, you may change the language from English (default) to Spanish.

    Depending on the model, you will need to follow the below options:

    OPTION #1
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [1] [0]
    2. on the handset
    3. Press your [▲] or your [▼] to select your desired setting
    4. Press [SAVE] then OFF

    OPTION #2

    1. On the handset press [MENU]
    2. Press the [▲] or [▼] to scroll to "INITIAL SETTINGS" then press [OK]
    3. Press again the [▲] or the [▼] to scroll to "DISPLAY SETTINGS" then press [OK]
    4. Scroll again by pressing the [▲] or [▼] repeatedly to get "CHANGE LANGUAGE" then press [OK]
    5. Select setting by pressing the [▲] or [▼] then press [OK] then [OFF]

    For further assistance, please refer to the Operating Manual.

  • Can I still receive calls from my second cellular line if I am already using my first cell phone on a call?
    Although you can register 2 Bluetooth device on the system, only one registered Bluetooth cell phone can be communicating to the base unit at a time, so if a cell call was received and another call comes thru on the second registered cell phone, the Panasonic system will not ring.
  • Can I use a Bluetooth headset with this product?
    Yes. One headset can be registered to the base unit.

    Bluetooth Headset Compatibility Chart
  • Can I use a corded headset?
    Yes. The handsets would have a 2.5mm inlet for a corded headset.
  • Can I wall mount this phone?
    Some models will allow you to mount the base unit to the wall. Please refer to your Operating Manual for additional information.
  • Could I use any regular not-rechargeable AAA batteries with this product?
    No. Use ONLY Ni-MH batteries AAA (R03), which is specified in the operating instruction book. WARNING: DO NOT USE ALKALINE OR HEAVY DUTY BATTERIES.
  • Do I need to have this phone plugged in to a phone jack?
    No. This telephone system can work without having it plugged on a land line or a conventional phone jack, just use your cell line subscription for calls. If you do not connect the telephone line cord and use only cell lines, set the cell line only mode to use this unit more conveniently. To activate cell only mode, follow these steps. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [1] [5] [7] When "ON" is highlighted, press [SELECT] Once you set this mode to "ON" you may now use the [TALK] button to make calls instead of [CELL]
  • How can I conference call using multiple handsets?
    To listen in on a conversation, just pick up another handset and press talk. Note "Call Sharing" mode must be turned on. Please refer to your Operating Manual for additional information.
  • How can I prevent others from listening to my call?
    To prevent others from barging in, sharing a call or listening in to conversations when one of the handset is in use, you would need to turn on the Privacy feature. Depending on your model, please follow the below options:

    OPTION #1
    Press [MENU] [#] [1] [9] [4] and select "ON" then press [SAVE] on the handset.

    OPTION #2
    Press [MENU] and scroll with [▲]/[▼] to "Initial Setting" and press [OK]. Scroll to "Privacy Mode" and press [OK] Select "ON" and press [SAVE].

    Note: This will only apply to the handsets registered to this Panasonic Telephone System.
  • How do I adjust the brightness of the screen on my handset and/or base unit?
    You can adjust the LCD contrast of the handset and/or base unit by following these procedure:
    1. Make sure that the handset is not in use
    2. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [4] [5]
    3. Press any of the number keys from [1] - [6]
      There are 6 levels of selection
    4. Press the soft key [SAVE]
    5. Press [OFF]
  • How do I answer calls on my handset from my cell line?
    To answer a cellular call, press the soft key, [CELL] on the handset.
  • How do I chain dial from this phone?
    To auto dial a number:
    1. Press the Phonebook icon or [Ph. Book] button on the handset or base
    2. Select your desired entry from the phonebook
    3. Press [OK] or [CALL]
  • How do I change the group name?
    You can change the group name of your shared phonebook by following one of these procedures:
    1. On the handset press the soft key below the phonebook icon then press [MENU]
    2. Press the [▲] or [▼] button to highlight "Group"
    3. Scroll to the group you wish to edit and press [SELECT]
    4. Press [SELECT] again on "Group name"
    5. Press the number pad corresponding the letters on the keys to enter your preferred group name
      Note: You can only enter up to 10 characters
    6. Press [SAVE] then press [OFF]
    * * * OR * * *
    1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [2] [8] [0]
    2. Press [MENU] Select "Group" then press [SELECT] on "Group Name"
    3. Edit the name by pressing the corresponding letters on the keys to enter your preferred group name, note that you can only enter up to 10 characters
    4. Press [SAVE] then press OFF
  • How do I change the handset's name on my display?
    Each handset can be given a customized name. It is a useful feature to identify your cordless phones.

    To change the label of your handset, perform the following steps:

    1. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [0] [4]
    2. Key in the letters to label your handset (maximum of 10 characters only)
    3. Press [SAVE]
    4. Press your [▲] or your [▼] to select your desired setting
    5. Press [SELECT]
    6. Press [SELECT] again
    7. Press [OFF]
  • How do I change the ring tone on the base?
    To change the ringer tone on the handset:
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [6] [1]
    2. Press [▲] or [▼] to play your selection, as soon as you have picked your desired ringer tone
    3. Press [SAVE]
  • How do I remove Boost from showing up on my handset?
    The clarity booster is a feature that can improve sound clarity when the handset is used in an area where there may be interference. During an outside call, this feature is turned on automatically when necessary. When this feature is turned on, [BOOST] is displayed.
  • How do I remove the "Zzz" displaying on the handset?
    This icon refers to the "Silent Mode" feature. Silent mode allows you to select a period of time during which the handset will not ring for outside calls. Silent mode can be set for each handset. Before using this feature please set your date and time first. If you see this icon on the handset it means that the "Silent Mode" feature is currently activated to disable feature follow these procedure:
    1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [2] [3] [8]
    2. Select [OFF]
    3. Press [SAVE]
    4. Press [OFF] to exit the setting.

    Note: This does not silence the base unit.

  • How do I reset the Telephone handset and/or base unit?
    At the back of the handset, press the notch of the handset cover firmly, and slide it to open the battery compartment. Remove the batteries completely and install them back again. When installing the batteries, avoid touching the battery ends or the unit contacts. To reset the phone system, unplug the main base from the electrical outlet and remove the batteries for 5 seconds. Install the batteries and replug the base. Do not reset your phone unless necessary.
  • How do I transfer cellular calls from my handset to my cell phone?
    During a call press [MENU] on the handset, Press the [▲] or the [▼] and press [SELECT] on "Transfer to Cell".
  • How do I turn on and off the auto talk feature on my handset?
    Depending on your model , To turn on or off the Auto Talk feature follow one of the below options:

    OPTION #1
    1. On the handset press [MENU]
    2. Press the [▲] or the [▼] button to scroll to "Initial Setting" and press [OK]
    3. Press the [▲] or the [▼] button to scroll to "Auto Talk" and press [OK]
    4. Press the [▲] or the [▼] button to scroll to select ON or OFF then press [OK] to save selection

    OPTION #2

    1. On the handset press [MENU]
    2. Press the [▲] or the [▼] button to scroll to "Handset Setting" and press [OK]
    3. Press the [▲] or the [▼] button to scroll to "Other Settings" and press [OK]
    4. Press the [▲] or the [▼] button to scroll to "Auto Talk" Select "ON" or "OFF" then press [OK] to save selection
  • How much radiation does the phone output?
    This product complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. RF transmission power is 115 mW (max.)
  • Is this phone hearing aid compatible?
    Yes. The phone system passes the FCC requirement no. 68 and it also complies to the "TIA-1083" standard. Phone has have reduced noise and interference when used with T-Coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants.
  • Messages are announced out loud, how do I turn off call screening?
    To Turn off the Call Screen Feature, depending on your model you will need to follow the below steps:

    OPTION #1
    1. Press [GREETING CHECK] on the base
    2. Hold down the [▼] until the base beeps
    OPTION #2
    1. On the base or the handset, Press [MENU] [#] [3] [1] [0]
    2. Use your [▲] or your [▼] to select "Off"
    3. Press [SAVE]
  • My handset is not charging. What can I do?
    First make sure you are using the Rechargeable batteries that came with the unit. The correct part number is HHR-4DPA. Try charging the handset on the base charger. If that works, make sure the charging cradle is connected to the AC Adaptor, and the AC Adaptor is firmly plugged into the wall. Have you taken the batteries out of the handset recently. This will reset the battery indicator, so even though the batteries may be fully charged, the indicator will show low battery. Place the handset on the charging cradle for 7 hours to show full battery. Also, be sure the batteries are inserted properly. The '+' terminal should be showing at the top of the right battery and the bottom of the left battery.
  • What can I do if liquid or other form of moisture has entered the handset/base unit?
    Disconnect the AC adaptor and telephone line cord from the base unit. Remove the batteries from the handset and leave to dry for at least 3 days. After the handset/base unit are completely dry, reconnect the AC adaptor and telephone line cord. Insert the batteries and charge fully before use. If the unit does not work properly, contact an authorized service center.

    CAUTION: To avoid permanent damage, do not use a microwave oven to speed up the drying process.
  • What does "ECO" mean on my handset?
    The intelligent Eco Mode reduces power automatically when the handset is close to the base unit to allow extended talk time. Battery life when using Talk button is about 13 hours when in Eco Mode. This is a feature of the phone that turns on automatically there is no procedure to disable it on the handset. ECO mode is turned off when the clarity booster is activated.
  • What is "three way calling" and how do I perform this?
    This service may be offered by phone companies which allows you to call a party and by pressing the [Flash] button and allows you to receive another dial tone to call another phone number. Pressing [Flash] again will join all three parties together.
  • What is the limitation for characters for a phonebook contact?
    The phone will accept up to 16 characters for the name entry. Depending on your model, the limit for the phone number entry may vary from 24-32 digits. Please refer to your operating manual for details.
  • What is the recommendation for the location of the telephone base unit?
    To optimize the range and/or audio quality, please be aware that metal objects and electronic devices/appliances within proximity of the main base unit, may block the signal from reaching the handsets. Note: Panasonic Model# KX-TGA405 Range Extender may be used to increase the distance. Please refer to the Phone System Operating Manual for compatibility.
  • What kind of batteries can I use for my handset?
    The handsets uses Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride) type rechargeable AAA batteries. To order replacement battery, please click here or contact 1-800-332-5368. The Panasonic rechargeable AAA batteries are recommended for best cordless handset performance. Never use Alkaline or any other types as these could damage your handset.

    Note: Some handsets will display "Insert battery", "Use rechargeable battery", or "Don't use this battery" if the batteries needed to be replaced or the incorrect batteries have been used.
  • What should I do if my base unit does not have power and there are no lights lit?
    If your base unit is not receiving power ensure you are using the correct AC adapter for the base unit. If the problem persists then you can try plugging it into a different power outlet to test. For units with multiple handsets, you can use the AC adapter from one of the smaller chargers and plug into the base to test. If you have followed the steps mentioned above and your base unit still does not have power, the telephone system may need service. Please refer to your operating instructions warranty page for details.
  • Which handsets will alarm when the Alarm feature is set?
    Only the handset that was programmed for the Alarm will sound. If you would like others to sound, you would need to set up the Alarm feature on each handset.
  • Why does my phone display "EQ"?
    The Equalizer feature clarifies the voice of the person you are talking to, producing a more natural-sounding voice that is easier to hear and understand. The feature can only be activated during a call. Depending on the condition and quality of your telephone line, this feature may emphasize existing line noise. If it becomes difficult to hear, turn this feature off. This feature is not available while using the speakerphone.

    Here are the steps to turn the equalizer feature on or off:
    1. During a call press, [MENU] on the handset
    2. Press [SELECT] on "Equalizer"
    3. Press your [▲] or [▼] to select your desired setting
    4. Press [OK] to exit
  • Why does the handset display "Charge for 7h" when I remove and reinsert the batteries?
    This is normal. When the batteries are taken out, the handset loses track of how much the batteries are charged. You may use the phone normally, but the battery indication will not be accurate until charged for about 7 hours.
  • Why does the handset display "Please lift up and try again"?
    You attempted to dial from the cordless handset while located in the charger. Lift the handset out of the charger and try again. If the same error message appears on the handset after lifting the handset from the cradle, reset the handset by removing the battery from the phone then re-install them again.
  • Why is the keypad flashing / blinking on my handset?
    You will need to recharge handset. When the battery voltage becomes low, the battery icon on the handset LCD will be flashing in the display then the handset display will shut off, and the Keypad lights will flash to warn you that the handset needs to be charged.
  • Why is there silence when answering the call when I use my cell phone?
    This is related to the auto connect feature. Some models of cell phones automatically mute the phone itself and, while it is connected, only use the Bluetooth connection for sound. To stop this from happening during a call, you can press [1] or [2] on the base (whichever corresponds to the cell phone you're using) so that the LED light turns red. Alternatively, to disable the feature altogether, on the handset press [MENU] [#] [6] [3] [2], and press [▲] or [▼] to raise or lower the time between auto connect attempts. "Off" corresponds to manual reconnect only. To manually reconnect a cell phone to the base, just press the button on the base that corresponds to the cell phone you're using [1] or [2].
  • Will I damage the batteries by keeping the phone on the charger?
    No, it is safe to keep the handset on the charger whenever it is not in use. Use only the Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries. Never use Alkaline or any other types as these could damage your handset.
  • Will my cell phone auto connect to my phone system when in range?
    Yes. To ensure the auto connection on the phone system is turned on, follow the procedure:
    1. On the handset press [MENU] [#] [6] [3] [2]
    2. Press your [▲] or [▼] button on the handset to scroll to your desired setting
    3. Press [SAVE]
    Note: Some cellular phones lose connection after usage, please check the specification of your cellular phone for more details.
  • Will my two Panasonic Phone System be able to intercom each other?
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