Features DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless Answering System

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    • Battery
    • Optional Handset
    • Answering System
    • Call Screening
    • Memo Recording
    • Recording Conversation
    • Remote Operation from Handset
    • Remote Operation from outside line (DTMF)
    • Speaker Volume (Base Unit Speaker)
    • Toll Saver
    • Total Recording Time (ICM + GM + Memo)
    • Any Key Answer/Talk
    • Barge in ( Call Share )
    • Belt Clip
    • Clock/Alarm
    • Conference Call
    • Dial Keypad 70.91
    • Digital Speakerphone (Base)
    • Flash (Base)
    • Flash (Handset)
    • Handset Locator (Base)
    • Headset Jack
    • Headset Volume
    • Hold (Base)
    • Hold (Handset)
    • Intercom(Handset to Handset/Handset to Base)
    • Large Text Display Mode
    • LCD (Base)
    • LCD Backlit Color
    • Light-Up Indicator/Ringer Color (LED)
    • Lighted Handset Keypad (Handset)
    • Menu Operation
    • Mute (Base)
    • Mute (Handset)
    • Receiver Volume (Talk Volume)
    • Redial Memory (Base)
    • Redial Memory (Handset)
    • Ringer Pattern (Tone + Melody) (Base)
    • Ringer Pattern (Tone + Melody) (Handset)
    • Ringer Volume (Handset/Base)
    • Speakerphone Volume (Base)
    • Speakerphone Volume(Handset)
    • Speed Dial (Base)
    • Talking Caller ID (HS/B)
    • Wall Mountable
    • Battery Life (Standby)
    • Battery Life (Talk)
    • Charge Time
    • Base Phonebook Memory (Name and Number)
    • Call Waiting Caller ID
    • Caller ID
    • Chain Dial
    • Phonebook Copy/Erase
    • Ringer ID
    • Base Weight (oz)
    • Charger Weight (oz)
    • Handset Weight (oz)
    • Bluetooth® Capability
    • Phonebook Copy from Cellular Phone via Bluetooth®
    • Base Dimensions -
    • Base Dimensions -
    • Base Dimensions -
    • Call Block
    • Call Block Registration From Caller List
    • Call Block Registration From Function Menu
    • Charger Dimensions -
    • Charger Dimensions -
    • Charger Dimensions -
    • Color
    • Frequency
    • Handset Dimensions -
    • Handset Dimensions -
    • Handset Dimensions -
    • Icon Operation
    • Intelligent Eco Mode
    • LCD (Handset)
    • LCD Language
    • Number of Channels
    • Number of Handsets (Capability)
    • Number of Handsets (Included)
    • Number of Phone Lines
    • Power Backup Operation
    • Premium Texture
    • Range Boost
    • Repeater
    • Repeater Dimensions -
    • Repeater Dimensions -
    • Repeater Dimensions -
    • Repeater Weight (g)
    • Reversible Handset
    • Rubber Grip
    • Silent mode
    • System DECT
    • Talking Phone ( Talking Alarm Clock/ Talking Battery Alert)
    • VM/ Message Alert(Indicator/LED)
    • Voice Equalizer
    • Repeater Included
    • Voice Mail
    • Voice Mail (Message list)
    • Voice Mail Alert (Light-Up Indicator )

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  • How can I re-register my handset or register additional handsets?
    To register a handset, perform the following steps:
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [1] [3] [0] on the Handset
    2. Press and hold down the [LOCATOR] button on the base for about 5 seconds until you hear the registration tone
      If all registered handsets starts ringing, press [LOCATOR] again to stop, then repeat this step, procedure needs to be completed within 90 seconds
    3. Press [OK] on the handset

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  • What do I need to do if I have a new or replacement telephone handset I am unable to register to my base unit?
    If you have attempted to register a new or replacement handset to your base unit and it has failed to register the new or replacement unit, you may have exceeded the number of handsets that can be registered to your base unit. It is important to remember when replacing a defective handset, or adding a new handset you cannot exceed 6 handsets. Additionally, if a handset is being replaced the old handset must be deregistered to ensure your base unit has space available for the new or replacement unit. To deregister a handset click here for instructions and to register a new or additional handset click here for instructions.

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  • How do I setup/change my remote access code for my answering machine?
    A remote access code must be entered to operating the answering system remotely. This code prevents unauthorized parties from listening to your messages when your away from home. To setup or change your remote code, perform one of the following procedures below using your cordless handset:
    1. Press [MENU] [#] [3] [0] [6] on the handset
    2. Key in your preferred 3 digit remote access code
    3. Press [OK] or [SAVE]

    * * * OR * * *

    1. Press [MENU] and scroll down by pressing [▲] or [▼] until "Answering Device" is displayed, then press [OK]
    2. Press your [▲] or [▼] repeatedly until "Setting" is displayed, then press [OK]
    3. Press your [▲] or [▼] until "Remote Code" is displayed, then press [OK]
    4. Key in your preferred 3 digit code
    5. Press [OK] or [SAVE] to save the change then press [OFF]
    Note: You wont be able to access your messages from your answering machine when you are away from your phone if you forget your remote access code.

    Click on your base model below for a tutorial on this topic:

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