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Facsimile with 13-Page Document


Facsimile with 13-Page Document Memory*

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    • Multi-Handset Capability
    • All Digital Answering Machine
    • Digital Duplex Speakerphone
    • Caller IQ Compatible
    • TEL/TAD/FAX Switching
    • LCD Display
    • Jog Dial Operation
    • Navigator Key
    • Quick Scan
    • Electronic Film Indicator
    • 64-Level Halftone Resolution
    • Broadcasting
    • Help Function
    • Collate
    • Electronic Volume Control
    • Voice Time/Day Stamp
    • Hands-Free Headset Compatible (headset optional)
    • Plain Paper
    • Flatbed
    • Monitor Speaker
    • Answering Machine Interface

Owner's Manuals

Owner's Manuals and Documentation


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  • Why is there no power to the fax machine?
    Make sure that the power cord is connected. Also, try a different power outlet.
  • Why am I unable to send a fax?
    The telephone line cord may be connected to the [EXT] jack on the unit. Connect to the [LINE] jack.
    1. If you used a splitter/coupler to connect the unit, remove the splitter/coupler and connect the unit to the wall jack directly. If the unit operates properly, check the splitter/coupler.
    2. Disconnect the unit from the telephone line and connect a known working telephone. If the working telephone operates properly, contact our service personnel to have the unit repaired. If the working telephone does not operate properly, contact your telephone company.
    3. The power cord or telephone line cord is not connected. Check the connections.
    4. If you have connected the fax machine through a computer modem, connect the fax machine directly to a telephone line jack.
  • Where can I order parts for my product?
    You can order parts and accessories for your machine from our Parts & Accessories Department at 1-800-833-9626.
  • What should I do if I have no dial tone on my fax machine?
    1. Check the power cord and telehpone line cord connections.
    2. Try a different telephone line cord. Problem may be with the phone cord.
    3. Unplug the fax machine and install a different portable phone on the wall jack where the product is currently plugged. If the portable phone has a dial tone then it's a problem with the machine. Please call the technical Helpline for options. If the portable phone doesn't have dial tone but is working on the other jack then there could be a problem with the jack where the machine is currently plugged in to.
    4. The telephone line cord may be connected to the [EXT] jack on the product instead of the [LINE] jack.
    5. If you have connected the fax machine through a computer modem, connect the fax machine directly to a telephone line jack.
    6. Relocate the product.
  • I am getting a Comm Error message when I am trying to send or receive a fax. What do I do to fix it?
    This is a possible line issue. You can first contact the other party to verify if there is a problem with their end, if there's no problem you can test or try sending to another number to confirm if issue is with your phone line. If issue persist please make sure to remove any splitters being used for the unit. You can also try and relocate the unit to a different phone jack.
  • How do I turn ON or OFF the sending or confirmation report on my machine?
    You can turn on the transmission report by:
    1. Press [MENU]
    2. Press [#] [0] [4]
    3. Press [START/COPY/SET]
    4. Press [▲]or [▼] to choose a particular setting. You have 3 Options: ERROR - Prints out the report if an problem occurred. OFF - Will not print. ON - The report will always print out indicating if it was successful or not
    5. Press [START/COPY/START] to save settings
    6. Press [MENU] to end
  • How can I register for the warranty of my product?
    You may register your products online by clicking here. It is not necessary to submit this form in order to effectuate the limited warranty. As long as there is a copy of the receipt, your product warranty begins from the date of purchase.
  • Can this fax machine work or compatible with Voice Over Internet Phone line services?
    This machine was not designed for Voice Over Internet Phones.