Air Purifier with HEPA filter and infrared micro dust sensor


Air Purifier with HEPA filter and infrared micro dust sensor for 12' x 18' room


Our air purifiers are conveniently slim and quiet
With the F-P15HU2 slim design, it will fit conveniently and unobtrusively into just about any room. It also features a specially designed fan, motor and related parts that make it quiet enough to place almost anywhere.

Get optimum filtering use with our Micro Dust Sensor
The F-P15HU2 uses a sophisticated infrared optical system to detect tiny particles passing through the filter, such as pollen, dust, and smoke. When set to automatic mode, the micro dust sensor continually measures air quality and adjusts the fan speed automatically, providing optimum filtering for various air quality conditions. Also, the micro dust sensor activates the fan only when needed, helping to save energy and reduce noise.

Deodorizing filter helps get rid of those unwanted orders
The F-P15HU2 features a deodorizing filter which helps eliminate unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke through an activated-charcoal filter, making a stale room feel fresh and clean again.

24-Hour Air Quality Monitoring
Our quality monitor provides a visual indicator of particles present in the air passing through the filter. A strip of LED lights glow red when particles are detected, and turn green after they are removed.

Interval Mode enables you to save energy
When in interval mode, the F-P15HU2 runs for 20 minutes, then shuts off for 20 minutes, and so on, in order to save energy.

The HEPA Filter helps remove unwanted airborne particles
HEPA filters remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger (on High, Medium, and Low speeds only). The pre-filter layer permits easy, regular cleaning, which can prolong the HEPA filter's life span to up to three years.

Use the Deluxe Timer Mode to switch-off your air filter
The F-P15HU2's deluxe timer mode automatically switches off your air filter in one-hour, three-hour, or eight-hour increments. You have the option.

Check Filter functions as a reminder
The LED lights illuminate to remind you when it's time to change your HEPA and deodorizing filters. Under normal operating conditions, the HEPA filter can last up to three years, and the deodorizing filter can last up to one year.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • Quiet Operation
    • Interval Mode
    • Filter Check Function
    • Deluxe Timer Mode
    • Slim Design
    • HEPA Filter
    • Micro Dust Sensor
    • Air Quality Monitor
    • Deodorizing Filter
    • Power Consumption (watts)
    • Air Speed Levels
    • Air Volume (CFM)
    • Noise Level (dB)
    • Cord Length (feet)
    • Room Size Dimensions (feet)
    • AHAM CADR Rating
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight



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