14.4V Metal Cutter/Drill Driver Kit


14.4V Metal Cutter/Drill Driver Kit Protected by the GuardION System


Panasonics EYC146B 14.4V Metal Cutter / Drill Driver combo kit delivers compact and lightweight tools. 

The 14.4V drill drivers (EY7440) deliver 390in.lbs of full torque at any speed.  The drill has an 18-stage clutch plus drill position, -inch, heavy-duty keyless chuck, variable speed control, 2-speed gear box, electric brake and quick-charging system. The high-quality tools are ideal for general construction, plumbing, electric installation work and finish carpentry. The drill / driver offers a full complement of convenience features including an LED Work Light that illuminates the work area when in use and a handy belt hook for easy storage when both hands are in use. The drill / driver has compact size (length 7 ) and weighs only 3.5 lbs.  The ergonomic design reduces fatigue over extended use.

The multi purpose metal cutter (EY4542) rotates at a speed of  3,600 rpm and  uses a 5 3/8th C-6 tungsten steel carbide-tipped blade with 30 teeth and a 1/16 thin kerf.  The blade uses a chipping action rather than an abrasive action which results in a much quicker cut.  With the exceptionally thin blade kerf it cuts clean with no need for de-burring after cutting.  The multi purpose cutter has an adjustable base plate that delivers cutting depth from 1/8 to1-13/16, minimizing the blade wear and maximizing the cutting efficiency. The blade cutting edge is easily visible through the clear window on the blade guard.  The multi purpose cutter features a three way dust control system which reduces metal chip splash and sawdust in an environmentally friendly manner.  The multi purpose cutter is ideal for cutting pipe, strut, threaded rod, metal stud. Just change to a wood or plastic cutting blade to utilize the multi purpose capability to also cut various woods and plastics.  The multi purpose cutter offers a full complement of convenience features including an LED Work Light that illuminates the work area when in use, electric brake to stop blade rotation once the trigger is released, a fully enclosed blade to minimize chip splash, and a spindle lock button for easy blade replacement.  The multi purpose cutter is compact in size (lenght 13) and weighs only 5.7 lbs.  The ergonomic design delivers a comfortable contoured rubber grip which allows for less fatigue over extended use.

The 14.4V drill / driver and multi purpose cutter are both powered by 3.0ah Cobalt Li-ion battery packs. This battery pack delivers high output with low heat generation resulting in twice the lifetime total performance versus current Ni-Cd battery packs.  In addition both the 14.4V drill / driver and multi purpose cutter utilize Panasonics unique GuardION system.  The GuardION system monitors each battery cell during battery charging and during tool use to prevent over discharging and overheating of the battery pack thus insuring long life.

The 14.4V drill / driver and muli purpose cutter use a self diagnostic universal battery charger which electronically monitors the condition of each battery cell in the battery pack during the charging process to deliver full charging with minimal heat generation. The charger will charge all Panasonic battery chemistries Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion and all voltages from 7.2-28.8v. . The 3.0ah Li-ion battery pack included in the kit fully charges in 50 minutes. The kit comes with a drill / driver, metal cutter, 2 3.0ah Li-ion battery packs, a universal charger, molded case and flashlight.

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    • LED Work Light
    • GuardION Battery Protection System
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