Core Muscle Trainer


Core Muscle Trainer engages the thigh,
back, abdominal and other core muscles,
for no-impact strength training with high-impact results.


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Introducing the Core Trainer from Panasonic — a Revolution in Exercise Equipment

Increase muscle activity in your back (tilt backward) or your abs and quads (tilt foward).

Using radically new Counter-Balance exercise technology, the Core Trainer engages the thigh, back, abdominal and other core muscles, for no-impact strength training with high-impact results. It works by constantly moving the user off their center of balance, forcing them to use core muscles to rebalance. With its pre-programmed settings and variable tilt and speeds, you can build to an intense core workout. Add weights and some power music, and it's the next group exercise sensation.

Click here to read new clinical data that proves the Core Trainer works to improve strength, flexibility and overall fitness.


  • Builds Core Strength
  • Builds Thigh Strength
  • Burns Calories



  • Low Aerobic Impact
  • Low Joint Impact
  • Low Heart Rate Increase


Easy Results!

It's easy to start building your core with the Core Trainer. Simply sit and ride for 15 minutes.

9 Levels & 3 Program Modes

Work all the core muscles equally or enhance thestrengthening of selected muscles with nine levels and three different program modes. Whether physically fit or with exercise limitations, users can easily program the Core Trainer to meet their individual needs.

9 levels and 3 program modes

  • Forward Tilt Program - abs and thigh muscles.
  • Backward Tilt Program - glutes and lower back muscles.
  • Level Tilt Program - works all core muscle groups equally.


Unmatched Versatility

The Core Trainer delivers a workout from gentle to intense. By changing the tilt, increasing speed and/or adding positions, movements, upper body aerobics and weights to magnify demands on specific muscles, you've created a tailored cardio/core strength workout all on one piece of equipment.

Unmatched Versatility

The Core Trainer provides great flexibility in customizing workouts for serious athletes, beginners and/or others with exercise limitations, such as those who:

  • Have difficulty tolerating pressure or stress on joints
  • Need to keep heart rate below a target level
  • Have limited aerobic capacity


The Core Trainer delivers muscle building, glucose consumption and calorie burning at a low aerobic level with modest impact on heart rate and very low body and joint stress.

Balance Your Workout

The Core Trainer builds core body strength which most aerobic equipment neglects. It is a great complement to treadmills, bikes, and elliptical trainers, delivering a balanced cardio/core strength workout.

Build Core Body Strength While Working Different Muscle Groups

The Core Trainer is especially effective in working the back, abdominals, obliques, quadriceps, gluteus maximus and thighs, each of which is targeted on the program mode you choose. The resistance generated by your body weight is all you need to produce serious results.

Muscle Activation Chart

Peak myoelectric activity value - ratio vs. maximum muscle strength. Test Participants: Three women, age 39-42 measured at speed level 7. Test Location: Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd., Japan.

Build Muscle Strength

Muscle Strength Chart

Tests have shown that muscle strength in the back, abdomen and thighs can increase anywhere from 20-60%1 after using the Core Trainer just 20 sessions at just 15 minutes per session.

Boost Your Resting Metabolism

Core muscle building boosts metabolism. Preliminary data shows that 30 minutes a day on the Core Trainer, 3 times a week for 3 months not only increases glucose consumption from muscle metabolism during exercise, but also increases resting metabolism 17% from an average of 1,030 kCal to 1,200 kCal per day2.

Boost Your Resting Metabolism

A Great Addition to Fitness Facilities...

Let club members experience the benefits of Counter Balance Exercise Technology.

The Core Trainer is a great addtion to any gym.

  • Core Trainer provides an exciting new choice for all members--a machine that builds core strength and provides an easy addition for a balanced workout
  • Attracts new members with a revolutionary new concept in exercise
  • Provides an effective alternative for people who resist stability balls and doing crunches
  • Allows seniors and others with exercise limitations a piece of equipment they can easily use
  • Gives personal trainers a great new tool for designing custom workouts around the individual needs of each member
  • Builds fun! Create core classes with Core Trainer using your own or Panasonic's core training programs


...or Your Home

No longer is lack of space an excuse for not owning exercise equipment. The Core Trainer's compact size, quiet operation and stylish design fits in just about any room and makes it easy to watch TV, talk or read a book while exercising. Add light arm weights to get a combined core and aerobic workout at home.

The Core Trainer works great in the home.


  1. Test participants: 9 people ages 60-71 of average health (3 men, 6 women. Conditions: 15 minutes/day, 3 times/week for a month and a half. Maximum muscle strength was measured before & after. Test location: Kochi Medical School.
  2. According to research at Aichi Gakuin University in Japan.

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